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  1. So is Josh Lester anyone to care about? I know he’s 27 so he’s probably toast. A 1st baseman too, but he does have 33 homers this year. Just curious. Not curious enough to read through 80 previous pages to see if it’s been discussed though.
  2. I’m in city Park right now using data on my phone and not on Wi-Fi and since the AT&T towers have California IP‘s even in Idaho all the ads I’m getting on mlb.tv are about California.
  3. I don’t have a hat right now so I’m turning my shirt inside out.
  4. Florida Man does not deserve a team as good as the Rays.
  5. Well, at least they fought back I hope they can pull it out
  6. SATIRE ALERT— Ahhh soooo <ducks> I’m being ironic I’m not a jerk.
  7. I only just now became aware that “intentional balks“ are a thing. It would be interesting to see one. Has that happened in any of our games this year?
  8. I can’t remember the last time Miggy had three hits two games in a row. Of course I don’t pay close enough attention sometimes. It could’ve happened already this year but I could’ve missed it.
  9. Dustin Garneau had a good break on his toss to 2nd so he might be a good suspect for pitching in a blowout.
  10. I am really grateful that you are so faithful in posting these threads.
  11. I’m looking forward to this game just because the park is beautiful. A good friend of mine just moved from Boise to go to Pittsburgh. He sold the house he bought for $60,000 twenty years ago for $650,000 and got a place in downtown Pittsburgh that is like a dream. He loves it there.
  12. Every major league team can beat every other major league team in a series no matter how lowly one of the teams may be.
  13. Next step three games in Pittsburgh. Must make headway against clearly inferior teams.
  14. That ball all almost got past the outfielder. I remember seeing Hank Aguirre on TV hit a basses loaded triple when the ball rolled into the centerfield monuments at Yankee Stadium. They were playing “the shift“ against him and all the outfielders had moved in to just beyond the skin of the infield.
  15. I’m expecting a ton of home runs from our guys tonight again.
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