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  1. I don’t like attics filled with manikins, broken wind up toys, and ceramic 19th century dolls with strangely marbled eyes.
  2. Why would anyone ever ruin perfectly good ice cream by putting peanut butter in it?
  3. I really don’t like the weather and I don’t like forest fires or prairie fires or really fires of any kind.
  4. Two runs, just because we were complaining. About something unrelated to baseball. Quick somebody complain about something unrelated. To baseball
  5. I could definitely hear that little girl behind home plate screaming.
  6. What is the orange and black jersey thing?Is it starting pitchers who definitely aren’t going to play?
  7. The bottom of the order has to act like they’re not the bottom of the order right now
  8. Not only is that guy in the liberty mutual ad stupid for selling wet teddy bears, he didn’t even get paid by the customer.
  9. This would be a good time for a massive Miguel Cabrera homer
  10. This is not a very fun game tonight. And just as I am posting this Carlos Santana hits a home run to make it 5-1 Royals.
  11. OK the Tigers got a look at this guy in the first inning, time to start hitting him now.
  12. It seems like a stretch to call the Tigers “the hottest team in baseball” as Shep is. But they are excelling right now.
  13. I am honestly looking forward to this game. For the longest time I’ve been following this team out of habit, hoping against hope that the dime bag I bought from the guy in the alley wasn’t just powdered sugar laced with strychnine. AJ’s crew is different. They are really delivering.
  14. I didn’t know we could say pissing without it being starred out. I feel like SpongeBob and Patrick.
  15. The algorithm probably thinks no one actually lives outside North America and South America and everything else is just fake geography.
  16. Getting back to the Kansas City Royals they are fresh off a sweep against the Milwaukee Brewers on the road. Previous to that series they were swept by the Orioles. So they’re probably feeling pretty good but this could really mean little. Within that 9-23 start to the season the Tigers swept the Houston Astros on the road. Still any team can beat any other team anywhere anytime. I like the Tigers chances in this series and from what we’ve seen recently they firmly have their noses to the grind stone and are taking nothing for granted. It’s amazing to enjoy watching these guys again. For so long it’s been a form of punishment.
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