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  1. To paraphrase Harvey Keitel‘s character from Pulp Fiction, we should avoid celebrating prematurely, but this this is definitely better than being poked in the eye with a sharp stick and a very pleasant surprise.
  2. That inning was what my daughter would’ve characterized at age three as: “A skairwee dweem.”
  3. I just wish they could again capture lightning in a bottle like they did with Verlander. With all these high draft picks you keep thinking they could do that. The Yankees never get a high draft pick yet they still seem to draft guys that become stars.
  4. Has Avila been unceremoniously hauled off to the Ilitch Holdings Gulag yet?
  5. Oh boy, prospects! This team is great at identifying and cultivating talent! We’re in fat city for sure!! I’m saving up for my World Series tickets!
  6. I’m glad we got our monthly win out-of-the-way quickly. No more suspense about when or how and they may even win two or three this month!
  7. As I recall Dave always thought if you had really good pitching you could buy hitters. Of course there’s no buying going on anymore.
  8. I sure am glad I didn’t spend money on mlb.tv this year.
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