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  1. They made it interesting. It was not like being poked in the eye with a sharp stick. Actually it was a lot better than that.
  2. Was it really a terrible call? I’m only listening right now
  3. Be patient letthe ball come to you as Maglio Ordonez used to say
  4. I have my tinfoil pyramid turned inside out so now it’s a rally pyramid
  5. Well this one’s on me. I went to the grocery store and in the time I was gone five runs were scored. In that short period of time I didn’t have the tinfoil pyramid on my head and I wasn’t chanting Om. Heck.
  6. Just saw somebody in the Tigers dugout chewing bubblegum. An anarchist.
  7. I remember seeing buckets of gum at Comerica during the last home stand in the dugout
  8. The sign directly behind Miguel Cabrera in the dugout: No gum no seeds no spitting What kind of police state is operative at Kauffman Stadium?
  9. That play first by Santana was pretty good. Miggy wouldn’t try to do that and if he did he might die.
  10. It didn’t have that sound that says no doubter. It just kept carrying. At least from what a TV screen can show.
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