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  1. I had a big problem with a moderator, so I stopped posting. I still read the site, but I didn't want to post one of those petulant "I'm out of here" threads like people have done in the past. Hope all is well with you. I seem to recall that you also took an extended break recently, IIRC.

    By the way, I finally agree with you that Thames is no longer worth keeping around. But I think he'll hit a big homer tomorrow if they let him play.


  2. wow, where'd you ever go .. I never see you post anymore

  3. Yeah. You should've been here when they both were around at the same time. Of course, the Tigers were horrible them so they seemed less unrealistic.
  4. That's a poorly written textbook, then. The guy had 10 ML at-bats before the Tigers got rid of him. Hardly enough to conclude he's a "textbook AAAA player." However, with Raburn establishing himself and Infante still available, I don't think there was much room for Hannahan.
  5. Is your schtick as tiresome to write as it is to read?
  6. Probably not real smart to junk two years of scouting reports based on three games.
  7. I think his point was Tulowitzki is not an option. And he's right.
  8. I believe Pena was sent away to clear room for Bobby Kielty, another outfielder.
  9. Is this really true? Before the recent hamstring pull, I can't recall Thames having a sigificant injury since joining the Tigers' organization.
  10. Where Guillen ranks isn't really important since he's in the lineup regardless. To estimate how much offense the Tigers will lose, where should compare Casey with whoever replaces Guillen at short. If the Tigers feel like they have to play Guillen at first to get to the playoffs this year, then I guess that's fine. If they intend to play him at first for the next four years, they wasted $48 million by resigning him.
  11. I think the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wants the trade to be alive since there's never much to write about the Pirates in August.
  12. I think there's a difference between a good idea and a bad idea that works out well. Trading for Figgins last winter would've been an example of the latter, in my mind. Figgins is having a career year but he's nothing special, and I'm not sure where he would've played for Detroit.
  13. Selig does everything wrong. Even when he makes the right decision, as he did here, he does it for the wrong reasons. What a bumbler.
  14. About nine months too late on Monroe. Not trading him for something useful last offseason was one of DD's biggest mistakes with the Tigers.
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