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  1. MTG could at least try to be original. That's an old, old Rush Limbaugh bit.
  2. An optimistic 71. Hoping A.J. Hinch can squeeze out a couple extra wins with managerial wizardry.
  3. How about, “Rush Limbaugh has assumed room temperature.”
  4. Epply Field is in Omaha. You drive through Carter Lake, Iowa, when approaching the airport from the south. Odd piece of Iowa west of the Missouri River after the river channel changed. Joni Ernst was campaigning in Nebraska. Wish she’d stay there. We’d be better off without her in Iowa.
  5. Such an embarrassment to my state. Hope to heap her on the Steve King pile in November.
  6. I’m doing what I can to boot King off his throne. So sick of his schtick. Embarrassment to our district.
  7. Reportedly the coronavirus neighborhood includes 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
  8. I personally know three who have had it. Two were hospitalized. The one who didn’t had up-and-down fever for two weeks and lost about 15 pounds. Told me it was the sickest he’d ever been in his life.
  9. My son is a cop. Had someone do this to him last week. No COVID19, thankfully.
  10. Today the first case of COVID-19 has been reported in our little town hospital in Northwest Iowa. Inevitable it would happen but I’m amazed how little time it took for this thread’s title to hit home here - not even a month from the thread’s first post. No doubt it’s been close to home for a lot of you MTS types already.
  11. Even though Trump lost the popular vote? The Republican Party deserves this. How in the world could they not field a better candidate?
  12. The church I serve as pastor focuses on the Good News of Christ. I guess I'm in the minority. Happily. The hypocrisy of the religious right crowd makes me sick, justifying the very sort of scandals that they'd rail against in the 90's, only because Trump is "their guy." Bullying the weak, the poor, the vulnerable just because you can, just because you need someone to oppose. Mocking your opponents. Validating the worst behavior. This is Trump's legacy. Whether you are Christian or not, please know this: This has nothing to do with Christ.
  13. I wept as I read that article. Humility has a new definition I guess.
  14. Roger - a loyal fan, a true gentleman, and a willing help. I will miss his tone in his posts. He made this place better. I'll always remember how helpful he was for visits to Lakeland, how eager to point out other MTS posters sitting in Joker Marchant. His loss leaves a void. My condolences to his family.
  15. You'd think so with his RP arsenal of FB/slider, but it seemed to take him a couple innings to settle in when he started.
  16. Couldn't ask for better news. Hope this means the worst is behind you.
  17. I'm all for learning lessons. Of course we could still win it all. It'd be fine with me if the outcome of this season proves me wrong. I'm skeptical this is the team that will overcome its lack of pitching, even by becoming buyers. The assets we have now to gain needed talent for this current season aren't what they were in recent years. I don't think we will be sellers. But I don't think it wouldn't be a bad idea. Any good team can get hot at the right time to go the distance. I don't think this year's team is good enough to get there.
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