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  1. Anywhere to watch online? I've got the Bears/Panthers garbage.
  2. the first post in this thread had me scrambling for Magglio's release info. Thanks for nothing
  3. Options: 1. Keep the beard & my wife speaks to me. 2. Trim to a stache and she doesn't that's a .05 second decision
  4. Done deal. Tigers trade Luke French for Seattle's Jarrod Washburn - MLive.com
  5. I think you're spot on here, tyrus.
  6. I...think I know what you're saying?
  7. Starflyer


    I drove three hours with five of my friends to witness that abominable performance yesterday. I so want him to do well (for him personally & selfishly for the Tigers), but that was awful. Awful. I'd take a flyer on Glavine.
  8. I'm going with a group of guys on the 4th. We bought our tickets a few days ago. Argh.
  9. I'm pretty sure that Brandon Graham is, at least, worth a damn
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