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  1. I probably won't be around tomorrow, so I'm dropping in to say "Happy Opening Day" everyone.
  2. So...hi guys! What's new? Oh...nothing? Welp, see ya guys!
  3. Hope heaven has a large pallet of sunflower seeds ready for him.
  4. Feel free to discuss all things related to the Red Wings head coaching position.
  5. Babcock is leaving and I'm perfectly fine with it. This team needs to turn the page to the youngsters, make Datsyuk and Zetterberg secondary options, and make a big splash in the trade market for a younger, legit scorer/D-man. Then, turn the reigns over to Jeff Blashill and let them grow up together.
  6. I think Zidlicky has been their worst defenseman this series, so maybe his absence isn't the final nail.
  7. My dream scenario involves a time and place where all questionable hits are judged as a single event instead of against other unrelated events. In that scenario, this is absolutely a suspendable offense. In the current state of the DPS, there were three or four hits on MONDAY NIGHT that were just as bad or worse. I don't think the league should compare events, though. So I have zero issue with this suspension. The main contact point was the head and he left his feet (well, foot) to make impact. I long for the day when two guys who punch each other in the head with bare fists get similar punishments. If you want to protect the players, then protect the ****ing players.
  8. Nope. Left foot completely off the ice, launched with the right foot. He's getting a game.
  9. The Wings equipment manager should remove the D from Dekeyser's jersey at the intermission.
  10. I hope someone replaces Darren Helm's Nerf hockey sticks before Game 5.
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