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  1. Thames followed up with Simers. Simers once again acted like an ***-hat. Clayton Kershaw's maturity level continues to rise - latimes.com
  2. I think it says a lot about a pitcher when the biggest things he needs to work on are having a good April and pick-off moves.
  3. One of the best and most clever shows on television
  4. Thanks for this note Scott, and thanks for your support and guidance over the years. The site wouldn't have reached the level of popularity it had without your support. You've built a wonderful community here and thanks for letting me be part of it.
  5. I actually like Caputo and feel that he knows baseball. I don't always agree with him, because we approach the game from different perspectives. But he's also willing to discuss things. I've had several good dialogues with him about various baseball/Tigers topics.
  6. I never noticed that, though I don't pay much attention to the scoreboard due to the lack of meaningful information.
  7. I'm saying that marketing dollars play a role. Do you think it is cheap to be the official "something or other" of the Detroit Tigers? I'm not saying Lemos and company aren't terrific surgeons. I really don't know one way or the other. I'm just saying that his role as the Tigers orthopod shouldn't lead people to the conclusion that he's at the top of his field. I think it's pretty clear that Andrews is top dog when it comes to athletic medicine. Yocum in LA is also mentioned in the same breath. Why aren't they "the official" doctors for the team? The Tigers send a number of cases their way and they're recognized as the best. The difference is that they don't pay for the right to be "the official" docs.
  8. I don't think being buddies has anything to do with it.
  9. It's dumb to assume that those people have their current roles do solely to skill.
  10. While there are standard protocols in place, it doesn't mean that everything was done perfectly. There are lots of medical protocols and best practices and yet 100k people die each year due to medical errors and multiples of that are injured. I'm not saying that Lemos or Rand or Workings or anybody else messed up in this case. That would be dumb on my part because I have no idea what transpired and I'm not a clinician and I'm not qualified to comment even if I knew the details. And while I'm inclined to grant people the benefit of the doubt, I don't understand why you would call someone dumb for questioning something such as this.
  11. Rand's track record is certainly suspect, but this sounds like a bigger team effort. I don't know the exact procedure in these matters, but I'm pretty sure that Miner did have a visit with with the team orthopod back in spring training. I don't know what diagnostics were done at the time, or if something was missed, or if there was a strong possibility of needing surgery all along but there was a decision to try rehab. I do wonder about Rand, but there were docs in the mix on this one as well.
  12. I also wonder if there is better batted ball location data available leading to better positioning as well.
  13. I don't know that this is true. He threw 3 pitches out of the stretch all day prior to the 9th. He had no stress at all, and was working with a decent cushion half the day. Plus it wasn't particularly hot or draining that day. From a RSI perspective, yes he threw the 120 pitches. But from a "becoming fatigued and overthrowing/altering mechanics to compensate" perspective I don't think it comes into play.
  14. I also question the heavy use of Valverde, not so much yesterday, but for the season. On the other hand there may be some things in play that we don't know about. I get the impression it takes Valverde a while to warm up because he seems to start throwing fairly early the inning before. If it is a 4 run game and you bring in non-Valverde and he gets in trouble, is Valverde able to get ready quick enough to come in? So you have to get him up and warming up just in case, and if you're going to get him up, you might as well use him. The 4 run spread is tricky.
  15. Jackson is batting .727 on line drives, which is pretty normal actually. It's the .467 babip on ground balls that will drop. As a point of reference, Ichiro is a .305 hitter for his career on ground balls.
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