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  1. Chris Webber out at TNT. Finally. He was so bad.
  2. I've got my money on Cleveland. They seem to have the lottery luck.
  3. Hopefully Denver still has something to play for on Friday. Looks like both DEN and LAC play tomorrow and Friday. The LAC game starts 1 hour later than this one, so luckily DEN won't know the outcome of that game until after ours is over.
  4. Imagine being a Minnesota fan. In all likelihood they just gave away a lottery pick by falling out of the top 3 (pick will go to GS), and for what? A top 3 pick would land them a game changing player to put next to Edwards and really slingshot that franchise with two young studs. Now they have to go forward with a ton of money tied up in KAT and Russell, neither of whom feel like winning players to me. Edwards is obviously a great prospect, but they could have really changed their franchise for years to come and they gave it away for a couple meaningless wins in a meaningless season.
  5. It's true, but let's not count our chickens just yet. A win tonight could throw that all out the window. Recent games against Atlanta and Memphis where veterans were ridden to victories could loom large here down the stretch if we win against Minnesota. In the grand scheme of things, nobody could fault us for beating another team that only has 21 wins tonight, but it's critical that we lose this game now only because of those 2 previous meaningless games that Casey just had to win with his vets. If Minnesota plays KAT, Edwards, and Russell, they should pull out the victory, but it's on our home court and anything can happen in the NBA.
  6. Sums it up nicely. Stay at 20 wins and nobody can catch you. Get to 21 and you're in a mix that could drop you to the 6th spot (or lower after the lottery). I don't expect this to be the case next year as we will likely improve at least a little. This is your shot. Don't let pride get in the way (I'm talking to you, Casey). I expect to see 35 minutes a night for Syrvidas, Lee, Cook anyone who isn't playing well that night.
  7. Interesting about the Bulls defense. I don't watch a lot of Bulls games, but watching the game last night I was actually remarking how aggressive they looked on defense for most of the game. Their guards were really getting into ours, playing extra tight on the perimeter, not making anything easy, and even picking up before half court at times. From the jump, they looked like a far superior defensive team and locked us down quit a bit. Was that an anomaly?
  8. Youngsters looked good and we got the L. Can’t beat that. Have to lose out and stay at 20 wins. Get to 21 and you’re in the danger zone.
  9. Terrible win. Nice job riding Joseph by Casey. What a fool. No way we’re in the mix for top 3 pick next year. This is our chance to escape mediocrity.
  10. KAT is so overrated. MIN blows a close one.
  11. 6 of the 7 remaining games are at home. Not good for the tank. Got to find some major time in the rotation for Sirvydas. Also, I think Frank might want to rest that ankle for about 2 weeks.
  12. Huge, huge loss. So hard to watch and root for both sides to play well, just Orlando to play a little better. Good see Bey have a nice game in the midst of this important L. Keep it up. Just 7 more games, including a big one against MIN. Nobody can catch us for 2nd if we lose out the season. We have to keep this at 19 or 20 wins. 21 could push us as far down as 6th, since so many of these teams could be stuck at that spot (CLE, OKC, ORL).
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