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  1. This is what really causes all the second guessing and I totally agree with you. It's not a question of finding a good player - because it's highly unlikely that Cunningham, Green, and Mobley don't become "good" NBA players. The more difficult question is which ones become Starters, All-Stars, and/or Superstars. There's no way to answer that question now though, so you take Cade and let the chips fall.
  2. Yep, hindsight is 20/20 on the draft. But, it's a heck of a lot easier to justify picking the consensus #1 and having him bust then to be the guy that traded down or selected someone else who busts when you had the #1 in your hands. Weaver will do the right thing - the only thing - that anyone would do in this situation and draft Cade.
  3. This was during the 15 year period when I had season tickets at the Palace. My seats were about 10 rows back from the visitor's bench so I had a prime view of the insanity. What a crazy, scary experience. I remember poking my friend next to me and pointing to Jermaine O'neal as he sprinted from halfcourt to break that guy's jaw who was confronting Artest. It was like watching the whole thing in slow motion.
  4. I expect that the #1 pick will be our big splash this year. Weaver likes Grant and isn't moving him just yet. I could see him packaging a second rounder (or two) with someone like Josh Jackson to move back into the late first, but not much else. Another lottery pick? Not happening.
  5. I don't enjoy the extra day off in between, but I do enjoy the timing of the playoffs. Can't stand baseball, so there's nothing for me to watch in the summer before football comes back.
  6. That guy really dislikes Cade. That or he really likes Mobley and is trying everything he can to discredit other prospects to make him look better.
  7. Please, not GS. I just started to like them again now that the super-team edition is done and KD is elsewhere. Send him to the Knicks (no idea about assets) or something. Give me another good, contending team, not another super team I need to root against. There's too many of those already (LAL, LAC, BKN) and if not for this year's injuries it would have been another boring playoff run to the Finals with only 2 competitive series (LAL vs LAC and BKN vs the winner). If the finals matchup was BKN vs LAL I would just root for another plague to end the season.
  8. The issue with Grant was putting him in a position to be the primary creator, which isn't his thing. Get someone else to be that #1 and his efficiency will go way up, even if his raw totals go down a bit.
  9. Agreed. I don't see us trading the pick. But, I do think Weaver will likely make another move to either move up with the 2nd round picks or move them forward to a future year.
  10. Wow, that picture… It’s like two skeletons playing basketball. That collision must’ve sounded someone tossing a bag of sticks down the steps.
  11. ESPN is garbage. Just get JVG over to TNT and give them all the national games. He's the only one worth salvaging. If I never have to hear Mark Jackson say, "Mama, there goes that man" again, it'll be a dream come true.
  12. Can't agree with that. Part of the contract is that you can be traded. Part of the contract is not that you can collude and force a trade. That's something that the team bends to because they get backed against the wall. In those cases, the player should be penalized in some way because they are breaking the agreement, unlike trading a player which is allowed by the rules of the contract, the league, and player's association.
  13. There aren't just 3 or 4 stars in the league, and it's actually been really good basketball. A lot of young stars got to shine, which has been a blast to see. To each their own I guess. If you enjoy watching a few grouped up stars trounce opponents without any doubt who will win, then more power to you.
  14. Some of the best playoffs I've seen in a long time. Injuries turned the Super Teams into normal Playoff Teams, so we actually have some competition and parity. Finally seeing an NBA playoffs where anyone can win on any given night has been a ton of fun and highly competitive. Too bad there aren't rule changes that could fix collusion or stars demanding to go to certain teams so it would always be like this. Imagine if Kawhi, Harden, and AD were on three different teams in the 8-12 seed range. The NBA would be super competitive on almost every night. It would be a dog-fight to get in the playoffs, the play-in games would be even better, and the playoffs would be exciting every year instead of the two teams we all knew would make the finals at the beginning of the year do exactly that...boring.
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