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  1. You know that couple that is on the fast track to breaking up. Then they think having a kid will fix things between them? That is what these plans sound like.
  2. Sorry for so many posts. I'm excited.
  3. Mobley and Kuminga are the ones who have potential to be better than Cade.
  4. I said six months ago they will draft Cade. No reason to change that now.
  5. Jackson State blocks Clarion Ledger reporter from covering Deion Sanders' program at SWAC media day
  6. The board of governors approved A-Rod and his group purchasing 20% of the Timberwolves. The deal is a bit odd. 20% now, they can buy another 20% in like a year and another 40% in 2 or 3 years.
  7. Bobby Bowden announced he has a terminal sickness. He did not say what it is.
  8. Sam also did a new mock draft today. 1. Cade 2. Green 3. Mobley 4. Suggs 5. Barnes 6. Kuminga 7. Bouknight 8. Sengun 9. Wagner (He is #14 on the big board) 10. Giddey
  9. 141 pages to satisfy any draft nerd. Like Buddha said, Cade is the only one in the super star tier. Tier 2 is listed as all-star upside. 2)Suggs 3)Mobley 4)Green Tier 3 is high leverage starter: 5)Kuminga 6)Barnes Here is the poop on Cade:
  10. There is an 80 minute documentary about Malice at the Palace coming to Netflix. It will debut sometime in August.
  11. I don't understand the Suggs hype either.
  12. Lavine is very thorough and likes to catch each variant.
  13. Not sure on her credentials. But seeing Barnes in the top 5 a lot more lately. I would love to leverage Grant into the pick that drafts Kuminga.
  14. I haven't thought about what Max would do and it doesn't really matter. Trying to justify a bad action by saying someone else would do the same thing isn't a good argument. Fans on Reddit were killing Lewis. Mostly for how he behaved after the race.
  15. Anytime I hear about violence in DC im reminded of that old joke when the Bullets were changing their name. The Washington Bullets announced today they would be changing their name. They no longer want the team name to be associated with violence so from now on they will just be called The Bullets.
  16. Slamming your car into the side of a competitor is not a racing incident. For it to be a racing incident one of two thing would have had to happen. Lewis be ahead, he wasn't. Or Lewis have the racing line, he didn't. It was refreshing to see Lewis take all the **** he deserved yesterday.
  17. Toyota Cancels Tokyo Olympics TV Ads, CEO Won’t Attend Opening Ceremony Now it looks like a positive test for the US gymnastics team.
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