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  1. Any outdoor game not at Rucker Park is dumb.
  2. The G-League will have a team in Mexico City this year, kind of. They are going to play all of their games in the US due to international travel restrictions because of Covid.
  3. Williams now has 22 points for the year, after scoring 0 last year. 10 of the points were the cancelled race, but that still leaves 12 legit ones. The new ownership seems to be doing well there.
  4. Jesus. Pretty hard to argue against the halo now.
  5. A little shocked by that.
  6. Max and Lewis are lucky there isn't another competitive car and/or driver on the grid. The way these two are banging each other around they would both lose the WDC.
  7. Maybe Harbaugh grounded the air game in honor of 9/11.
  8. The narrative all summer was that Harbaugh injected youth into the staff. Apparently the youth brought a 70 year old offense with them.
  9. He was fine until he pushed him. Once he pushes him you have to call roughing there.
  10. I dig the blue on blue uniforms.
  11. Lots of executions in South Bend tonight.
  12. Getting smoked by Iowa on your home field? Matt Campbell seems like a Michigan man to me.
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