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  1. I would never want to see teal back. I would compromise on the old logo though if they brought back this red version.
  2. There is a pretty vocal group online that would like the teal to come back.
  3. They don't have the assets to get it done.
  4. The interview where those quotes came from.
  5. Davidson buys the Pistons and they suck for 7 or 8 years. They make that horrible McAdoo trade that saw Detroit send out draft picks that were used to acquire Parrish and the pick that landed McHale. That move lead to Detroit firing current management and they hired a guy named Jack McCloskey. Two years later he picks Thomas with the #2 pick and the rest is history. Gores buys the Pistons and they suck for a decade. They make that horrible Blake Griffin trade, which I admit is not nearly as bad as MaCadoo, and immediately fire current management and hire a guy named Troy Weaver. A year later he picks Cunningham with the #1 pick and...
  6. Golden State has entered the chat.
  7. You know that couple that is on the fast track to breaking up. Then they think having a kid will fix things between them? That is what these plans sound like.
  8. Jackson State blocks Clarion Ledger reporter from covering Deion Sanders' program at SWAC media day
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