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  1. This is just voted on by coaches and is not the official award. Williams did a fine job but I would have given it to Thibs.
  2. My new favorite coin. https://www.assfinance.com/
  3. Burry has been talking for a while about the problems with Tesla. Mostly that their "profit" is from selling regulatory credits. As more and more of the other automakers switch to EV they won't be buying as many credits and what does Tesla do then?
  4. The article made it seem like he bought 800,000 puts when he just bought 8,000 which gives him 800,000 notional shares. We don't know how much he invested because we don't know when or how much he paid for the puts. This was a 1Q filing and Tesla is down 30-40% from that time, depending on when he bought. So he has probably already made money.
  5. Buckle up. Michael Burry bought over 800,000 put options on Tesla in the first quarter. Over a half billion dollar investment. Tesla shorts are famous for getting slaughtered. But Burry knows his ****. This will be fun to watch. The Big Short was based on Burry. EDIT: I think the CNBC article is wrong on the value. I think the puts are worth half a billion. His investment would be significantly lower.
  6. You seem like a well adjusted individual.
  7. Now Meijer announced they will not require masks for vaccinated customers.
  8. MIOSHA to bring workplace rules in line with new mask guidance
  9. MIOSHA just announced they are updating their policy to match the CDC.
  10. Target Statement on Face Coverings for Guests and Team Members
  11. Not sure who I would want to be honest. Ambivalent on Fickell. Huge no on Fleck. Campbell is worth an interview. If Mike Hart went to <Insert any other school here> he wouldn't even be in this conversation. I like Billy Napier from Louisiana. OC for Dabo his first year or two at Clemson, on Sabans staff at Alabama. First year at Louisiana he was .500 but has gone 21-4 in the past two years combined with two bowl wins. His signature win was probably blowing out Iowa State last year in Ames 31-14. Doesn't matter. Napier isn't coming north of the Mason-Dixon line.
  12. I see that Fickell lost to OSU 42-0. Maybe he is a Michigan man.
  13. Anyone but the Lakers or Nets and I am good.
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