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  1. This is something that I like to do every year. I know that it is not realistic but it can be an interesting way to pass the time. What if the MLB was looking to expand? Each team, provided they stick by past years, could protect 15 players from their organization. Those 15 players can not be pending free agents, but can be arbitrational eligible. The 15 players do NOT need to be on the 40 man roster. Prospects within their 1st two proseasons are exempt and not eligible for protection or selection. Have fun.
  2. I remember him being highly touted coming out of high school. I always felt that at some point he would be a Tiger.
  3. I can't recall who but Tampa also used this loophole in the past.
  4. Holaday is going to be traded, the only way that he isn't is if theres an injury to the McCannon or Salty. Holaday isn't young anymore, and doesnt platoon well with McCann like Salty does. Holaday's hot spring plays right into the Tigers hand for trading him as his value is surely not going to get higher. The return likely wont be much but it will be better than nothing. Houston makes sense as does Texas but Toronto has an out of options catcher available too. Miguel Gonzalez is likely the Mud Hens catcher this year.
  5. Thats part of what makes Doc Emerick, the great hockey broadcaster, such a joy to listen to on television is how he treats it like a radio broadcast.
  6. Doug Fister...1 year, 7 million to the Astros. I know that he struggled last year and his velocity was gosh awful but I think I would have preferred him and that deal over Pelfrey.
  7. I ended up Norris, Kyle Ryan, Rod Allen and Maybin. It did bother me to wait and have Ryan by himself at the end of the line.
  8. Billy McMillon was promoted to outfield coordinator for the Red Sox, Greg Norton was hired as hitting coordinator and Aqulliano Lopez is now a pitching coach for them in the Dominican Summer League. Just an update on some former Tigers.
  9. I wouldn't trade Fulmer for Bruce but I would certainly do something like Farmer, or Greene plus Moyà for Bruce.
  10. Would have thought that the organization would want to show Zimmerman off
  11. I've heard growing rumors of the Astros being a player for Cespedes. I would keep an eye on Jake Marisnick. He's young, an outstanding defender (statcast was glowing about him), with serviceable speed. He hasn't hit much in the Majors yet but did in the minors as a Marlins prospect. Yes, he may not sound any better than Collins or Maybin at this point but I think that there's more potential there than with what we have now. He is already scaled out in Houston and if they do add Cespedes his cost could be for a song. Just an off the wall suggestion.
  12. This is the hardest adopt a Tiger pick that I have ever had to make. There are some players that I did not expect to still be here and also younger players like Drew Verhagen (who I think will be a sleeper out of the pen this year). But now that I have given him his just due I will be selecting the best player available, the man who has friends with binoculars, Victor Martinez
  13. Who else is missing from the 40 man? Am I wrong in only seeing Kinsler?
  14. Robert Fick is now a rookie ball hitting coach for the Dodgers, Eric Munson is a rehab coordinator for the Angels and Alexis Gomez is also on their staff.
  15. The more I have read (and I even watched a Rockies game on MLBtv today) I am starting to get on the Charlie Blackmon bandwagon. Granted, I think that Cespedes is the better player but if we can't close on him at a reasonable rate, then I'd like Blackmon. Yes his age is a concern and so are his splits but he offers a lower cost dollar wise. A decent bad and he's not stone footed. Of course this is still all dependent on what it would take in terms of a trade. I don't know if the Rockies would have interest in a pick two or three type of team with Ryan, Greene, Farmer, Holaday, Machado, Moyà or even Collins. I do have high hopes for Collins compared to no hope for Moyà. Perhaps Ausmus can mix and match between Collins in left with Maybin/Gose and Aviles rotating in. I don't think that that would be a gosh awful grouping, however I think that the drop off from an established played like Cespedes or Blackmon to a Collins may be enough to make the difference between being a playoff team or not.
  16. I can't see Moya taking that next step in his development to be a passable option for us. Yes, he has power but the same reason why he has power (his tall frame) means that he will most likely always have significant holes in his swing. To the point where even if he improves his plate discipline there will still be significant problems as exposed last year in Toledo. I'm much more optimistic of Tyler Collins.
  17. Invites to spring training... Right handed pitchers: Lendy Castillo Rafael Dolis Preston Guilmet Joe Jimenez Logan Kensing Left handed pitchers: Drake Britton Kevin Ziomek Catchers: Miguel Gonzalez Austin Green Raffy Lopez Kade Scivicque Infielders: Dominic Ficociello Tommy Field JaCoby Jones No outfielders announced but Mayberry will be added once his deal is official. It is moderately interesting that Jones' suspension doesn't affect his status this spring.
  18. He's a prospect. BA had him in their top ten of Tigers prospects. However, I do feel that some there needs to be some concern over any athlete who tests positive more than once for a "drug of abuse".
  19. No thanks. His deal is to long and the cash to production ratio is off. Ill pass.
  20. Some talk about him being a good platoon partner with Gose. That may be true, I just hope that this isn't a sign that the Tigers are going with trying the cheaper approach to the left field situation. Granted a mix of Collins, Gose, Maybin, Aviles, Mayberry and maybe some of Moya has the potential to produce if utilized correctly. I just feel like we have already gone all in at this point and might be just one piece away. I am probably reading to much into this signing though as he could just as easily be destined for Toledo or insurance in case another deal falls thru. I doubt that a move to sign someone like Mayberry would stop Avila from a larger move.
  21. I will be going this year, tempered excitement.
  22. They were also quite high on Simcox, called him a good pick and said that hes closer to the majors than expected.
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