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  1. Yeah once I posted that picture it was pretty blurry so changed it.
  2. T-Mobile Park Seattle, WA Weather: Dome Starting Pitchers: RHP Justin Dunn vs RHP Spencer Turnbull
  3. It was nice walking around Comerica with no mask yesterday. We went to Tin Roof bar and they made you sign your name and write your phone number down. Side note the bar just opened at 11:30 and my son and his buddy (both 13) got to see two 20 something mini skirt wearing girls super drunk twirking as we walked in.
  4. T-Mobile Park Seattle, WA Weather: Dome Starting Pitchers: LHP Yusei Kikuchi vs RHP Casey Mize
  5. Comerica Park Detroit, MI Weather: Forecast Starting Pitchers: LHP Matthew Boyd vs RHP Kyle Hendricks Frank Chance and Hugh Jennings 1907 World Series
  6. Comerica Park Detroit, MI Weather: Forecast Starting Pitchers: RHP Jose Urena vs RHP Trevor Williams Thats's not just an anonumous old man. That is Reynolds Farley, a professor emeritus at U-M and a preeminent historian of Detroit.
  7. Question, is Nemo’s running shuttles to the park this year?
  8. Yes, grocery delivery and probably to an even larger degree grocery pickup are here to stay.
  9. You know its going to happen. Trumper walks in to said big box store, pleasant door guy "Are you vaccinated?" Trumper "Not any of your business". What happens next?
  10. So it will be legal for the Walmart employee manning the door to ask to see my vaccination card?
  11. https://www.reliasmedia.com/articles/147482-hipaa-issues-can-arise-with-covid-19-vaccinations HIPAA can become an issue if healthcare employers require proof that employees have received a COVID-19 vaccine, says Abbye Alexander, JD, partner with Kaufman Dolowich Voluck in Orlando. Under HIPAA, immunization records are protected health information, Alexander notes. Therefore, whether an employee has received a COVID-19 vaccine may be disclosed only by a healthcare provider if the employee has furnished the provider with their written authorization. “Employers may ask their employees whether they have received the vaccine, but they may only seek information from the employee’s medical provider with written authorization from the employee,” Alexander explains. “Once this information is obtained, it may not be disclosed by the employer without the employee’s consent.” Alexander notes that Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance states employers may require employees to provide proof that he or she received a COVID-19 vaccine. However, disclosure of information reflecting a disability could implicate the Americans with Disabilities Act, she says.
  12. What about HIPPA? Does that just get thrown out the window?
  13. Yes you are right but who verifies what? I walk into walmart without a mask and what happens next?
  14. So with Michigan the epicenter of current COVID spread she lifts mask mandate? Sure feel sorry for all of the small business that folded during Michigans lockdown. Outside looking in I feel Michigan really dropped the ball during this whole thing.
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