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  1. Kauffman Stadium- Kansas City, MO RHP Casey Mize vs RHP Carlos Hernandez
  2. Kauffman stadium - Kansa City,MO LHP Kris Bubis vs Wily Peralta
  3. If anyone wants to add some detail go for it. I am in Kentucky for travel ball and have limited access this weekend.
  4. Comerica Park - Detroit, MI RHP Mike Foltynewicz vs RHP Tyler Alexander
  5. I don't disagree with anything you said. Does Tork go first overall out of highschool? How about Mize? I love the idea of seeing 2 years post highschool. It seems MLB is going NBA route and plucking the highschool talent more often. It's fine and the panout/washout rate is improving.
  6. Comerica Park - Detroit, MI Weather: Forecast Starting Pitchers: RHP Matt Manningvs RHP Jordan Lyles
  7. Yes, but bang for your pick the risk is huge for a pitcher. A lot of flame outs no?
  8. This is why I have issue with drafting a Pitcher let alone a HS pitcher in the 1st round. There are so many variables that can go wrong. You draft a position player and the chances of catastrophic 12-18 month injury go waaay down.
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