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  1. This is a good post to temporarily return with. A good reminder that teams can’t just go to free agent store and pick what they want off the shelf. I think I’m going to follow your lead and take an extended break from posting, too. But, like you, I’ll still probably lurk, waiting for the perfect time to pounce.
  2. Sure. I don’t really disagree. I don’t think there is any question that he is returning, though. The lack of “announcement” is that it just doesn’t matter when they announce anything. He’s under contract and doing his job. I do think things like “it’s the head coach’s ultimate responsibility” arguments aren’t entirely fair. Accountability and responsibly requirement matters to a very small group of people, and that applies to almost any job. We aren’t those people, and a failure in recruiting a particular position may ultimate simply lie with the person doing the primary recruiting, or an acknowledgement that the whims of elite high school athletes are highly variable. I can only go by gut feeling at this point. I wanted at least one more year of rich rod. I wanted one fewer year of Hoke. Today, I’m perfectly content to allow Harbaugh to continue.
  3. Don Brown “was” a one trick pony. Come on, man, keep up. You got your half pound of flesh right there. It’s tasty.
  4. 2016 Michigan finished 7-2 in the conference with losses (by a hair) to both Iowa and Osu and wins over Wisconsin and psu. Wisconsin finished 7-2 and Iowa finished 6-3. So Michigan would have won the “west” Wisconsin was 7-2 and Iowa was 6-3. Wisconsin also lost to Osu in OT and lost to PSU. So, Michigan would have made the big ten championship game at least that year. 2018 Michigan finished 8-1 with wins over Wisconsin and northwestern (and psu). Northwestern finished 8-1, so Michigan would have gone that year, too.
  5. I’ve said this before on this website, but I think pretty much every team would be better off if they treated a player’s final year of team control as non-existent. Pretend that they are going to walk before that final year. If they still on your team with a year to go, trade them. Allowing any valuable player to actually reach free agency is a huge mismanagement of assets. any contract extension needs to be earlier than the final year and needs to qualify as “team friendly” however one wants to define that.
  6. I think a bit too much is being made about the rotation Casey is currently using. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad for development to bring the young players along slowly. I don’t think it necessarily means guys like griffin and rose are being used because it makes their chances of winning increase from 10% to 12% or whatever it might be. Casey knows what this team is what the goals of the org are. I think Weaver is also smart enough to monitor how certain players are being used and how they are performing. If playing time decisions are negatively affecting the development of the young players, conversations will be had. Ok, that’s enough Pistons/nba talk. I’ll log back in as Motown bombers and go back to defending everything the lions have ever done.
  7. Just haven’t had the players, for the most part. I think granderson’s deal was one of those. But they didn’t do that for Verlander or scherzer. Maybe they tried. Castellanos never quite got to the level where you could do that. Porcello was an option, I guess.
  8. That was stupid of you. Now you have to keep doing it.
  9. That’s a fair point. I don’t mean to suggest it plays no role. I just don’t think it’s the driving factor. Who knows.
  10. I don’t agree with the colder weather theory. It’s just as miserable outside in the south during the summer. It’s also not particularly cold in September. I think it’s as simple as a combination of complacency, Covid fatigue, and the traditional end of summer to early fall transitions that coincides with the beginning of the school year (both K-12 and college), where various sub-groups are systematically pushed back together into a larger whole. I think anyone irresponsible enough to hang out indoors during September and October was doing the same thing in July and august.
  11. Don Brown fired. Harbaugh staying. Sorry for your loss, Mr. Tater Salad.
  12. So, he kind of glossed over it, but the expectation of more mandalorian in December based on the investor presentation is actually the boba Fett show. And then season 3 will follow that.
  13. They just announced it as its own series. No mention of the length.
  14. He’s not an agent of the rebellion/republic or whatever. I don’t think he would necessarily care either way. Anyway, I think he went to grogu’s cell because he didn’t want to lose grogu, and I don’t think he intentionally lost the dark saber to Mando just for the LOLZ. I also think if Bo went up against him without a spear made of pure beskar she’d be dead.
  15. I don’t see why Gideon would make that assumption. Mando has killed before. There were two objectives: Grogu and the dark saber. It’s not like Mando had a good reason to want him alive.
  16. Can we give up on the spoiler tags? This thing was effective spoiled by 10am Friday.
  17. I think if the reveal was at the beginning you could have gotten away with Ezra. No one knew who Ahsoka or bo-katan were, either.
  18. Watched the ending again last night.
  19. I think there is a “making of season 2” episode next week. I’ll be watching that for various reasons.
  20. I got my negative test result today, which bums me out because I feel great.
  21. I don’t think so, but who knows. I think there is something about “going out” that you just can’t replicate at home, and people typically don’t actually like other people or want them in their home (or to go to another’s home).
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