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  1. I keep thinking Avila is going to surprise at 3. I think it will be a pitcher and the image of Rocker keeps flashing in my mind. I mean can the Tigers/Al pass on 6'3" 240 pound Vandy starter ?
  2. I remain optimistic about Wentz. He was dealing in AA after we got him from the Braves.
  3. This draft seems really wide open. Going to be interesting for sure.
  4. As the draft time draws near all the high school shortstops seem just that...high school kids and I start to think Leiter - Rocker and Davis might be "safer" and in our current "hopeful" position we really need to add some certainty..or as close as that is in the crap shoot of MLB drafting...to keep our momentum going. Not that I know a bloody thing about scouting but if they call Leiter I will be happy.
  5. I agree with this unless his performance drops even more and then Miggy will "negotiate" a retirement. Miggy and his agent will dictate the phase out I believe. It will end on good terms I hope. It's smart business to do so for marketing and recruitment purposes.
  6. Hopefully Hill and or Cameron will be playing after the break. When both Goodrum and H. Castro are off the team then we will know we are improving.
  7. If we take Leiter or Jobe we could draft the Orchard Lake shortstop at 32 or 39 ?
  8. I think thats very possible. Vandy pitcher that looks sturdy. We would have loved getting him just a short while ago. Maybe they still will especially in the wake of Turnbull's situation that could last into next year if he has surgery in the end of his Doctor's chase
  9. I think it will be Lawler or Leiter. Which ever one Texas does not take assuming Pittsburg takes Mayer. House seems like an "over thinking" choice to me.
  10. No Mazara again. It seems all that's left is the announcement about AAA or free agency.
  11. Wish the Tigers had one and the Pistons three. I think the Pistons GM has a better eye for talent than Al and I Love the Tigers and the Pistons....not so much since the Bad Boys
  12. I read somewhere that Lawler strikes out too much for a high school star. Maybe we all should make our predictions for who Detroit will pick at 3 since the draft is nearing ?
  13. After the all star break Willie Castro should be in Toledo playing centerfield, Mazara fishing, Hill platooning with Badoo in center and Parades playing second base in Detroit.
  14. Schoop plays 2nd they turn it and inning over. But hard to argue with Hinch and playing Castro at second seems to be a mandate from above
  15. How do you not turn the double play on Nelson Cruz Cost is a run.
  16. Starters only going3 or 4 innings makes the bullpen more of a Russian roulette waiting to get the reliever that brings the bullet
  17. Thanks for the hints from you and Charles...Tiger Threaten but do not score...I like FUBAR better..
  18. Hope I don't expose my age or low IQ but what does that stand for ?
  19. Krol and Goodrum for Turnbull and Cameron ? Sounds like an Al Avilia trade. Turnbull headed to surgery ?
  20. Ok Urena you got your run. Take it to the house !
  21. Me also and the best thing is the front office can no longer sell us about the virtue of being patient. It's time to put the pedal to the metal and their feet to the fire. I am counting on Hinch to do just that. And us !!!
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