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  1. DD was all about the "here and now" for sure and spending lots of cash. I guess we had a good run and he certainly benefited but without a championship it's bittersweet.
  2. Ever since you mentioned Badoo not catching up to fastballs I have noticed this quite a bit and his last AB was perfect example. two heaters middle middle..maybe a bit up but he was not close
  3. On a night when we hear news that could lead to Boyd never pitching for the Tigers again the Team wins in dramatic fashion while Miggy ties a record last done by Ty Cobb. That ladies and Gentleman is the mystical magic of baseball.
  4. Really wish Badoo would have caught that fly ball but understand he is still a bit haunted by the Hill collision
  5. Miggy with 593 doubles heading for 600. I think there are only two players with 500 HR-3000 hits-600 doubles - Hank Aaron and Pujos ? Miggy will be 3
  6. I think they are playing Willie in hopes of him hitting like 2020 and replacing either Hector Castro or Goodrum as a utility player with some extra base power but defensively he still seems to fall short of them especially in the outfield. Also remember everyone Al traded for gets a Loooong look. See Lugo.Dawel. 2022 progress might be measured by how few of these players are on the 26...3 we struggle for .500...2 we're over .500...1 we are in playoff contention and zero we're Champs.
  7. Me too. I think I said here a while back he would be better than Manning and I still think he might. Expecting a big jump next season in year two after TJ. Plus I am not super impressed with Manning.
  8. Unfortunately this is very true. Fragile is the rebuild but on the flip side we could get improvements from the starting staff, Boyd all year and hopefully an influx of real talent in free agency that fixes shortstop. At the least we will have the first meaningfull off season in many years and guarded optimism.
  9. It does seem that Hinch gets team results that are better than the individual sum of the players.
  10. Going into 2022 we have exactly one outfielder set in stone and thats Grossman. The rest can change in a hurry but Badoo remains probable and Greene will be solid at some point. The rest will more than likely fizzle out with Hills defense and speed keeping him as 4th outfielder. Infield its Schoop and Candy.The rest are bench players, unproven or wanna be's.
  11. Just saw the Royals have pushed Adalberto Mondesi off Shortstop due to injury concerns and Lopez playing well. Plus they have Witt coming up soon. He is only 26 and has 2 more years of control. maybe we should try to get him ? I have heard Dan and Jim rave about his defense.
  12. Not a good trend. Hope he doesn’t evaporate like Willie Castro did this year from last.
  13. I remain high on Wentz. He is a good bet to make the staff at some point early 2022. I will be very surprised if Verlander comes back but certainly will be happy if he does although it's still risky given age, first year back from TJ troubles, loss of draft pick and $$$.
  14. What do you think about platooning with Badoo in center.
  15. I know he is like fourth on the team in AB's ? Well Al did trade for him and he gives those folks loooong looks see "Lugo. Dawel" etc
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