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  1. I tend to agree with you. Clean house and try others. Make some decisions. Every year we seem to keep hope on players performing to a level they clearly can not reach. Al is wasting everyone’s time. Now it’s Rogers. What has he shown to be on the roster?
  2. Glad buck is gone. Now demote Reyes and Willie Castro and cut Johnathon Schoop. Bring up Short for SS Paredes for 2b and Nunez for DH/1B share with Miggy. Hopefully Willie can regroup in AAA and Reyes either finds power or plate discipline.
  3. Rodgers to the rescue. Maybe play him so Al can finally admit he can’t hit. Amazingly we are still rotating the scrum as if we don’t already know what they can not do.
  4. Then we would be the Saint Louis Cardinals
  5. Let's sum it up simply : Al Avilia traded a HOF pitcher and the best pitcher in the history of the Detroit Tigers for a pile of trash. And he paid $12,000,000.00 for the right to do so.
  6. Guess I picked a bad day to quit drinking
  7. Is it possible that the strike / stoppage and expansion are connected ? Use the revenue from adding teams to pay for the losses incurred during the stoppage. And if adding 2 teams is certain then Chris will certainly hang on for a piece of that pie before selling since it will also give him a higher starting selling point. So we are going to have to endure him until at least maybe 2025 ?
  8. McCoskey is probably right about Avilia not getting fired. he is wrong about the Verlander trade. Its done. All 3 stink. Blaming covid is weak also. No mention of the lost opportunities of the last off season. I guess we wait and see how the draft goes, how the young stars perform in the minors this year and what Al does at the trading deadline. he has a hot pitcher now in Urena and the Dodgers just lost May for the season. Can he move quickly ? I doubt it. He will have possibly 3 strong starters to trade this summer in a year with a pitching shortage. Can he turn them into young everyday players ? I guess we will wait for that also. patience is a virtue even when your rebuild after 5/4/3 years has resulted in your worst team.
  9. Unfortunately yes. The “removal promotion “ others have mentioned seems very possible. Probably just do Chris can have someone explain why he is not spending. That will be his main job.
  10. Ok new month. April is gone. Fresh start ! "here we go ! "
  11. If they do it had better be for a young Major League talent that fills a key position. We do not have many Major Leaguers and Boyd is one of them.
  12. Please call the Detroit Tigers and advise them of that. Seriously just tell whoever answers the phone if they block you there from talking to someone higher up.
  13. We have no ides if Paredes will be any good and Candy isn't exactly a building block either. We have zero solid prospects in any of the key up the middle positions ( CF, C, SS and 2B). Willie Castro maybe, Dingler yet to play Milb, Badoo way, way too early but hopeful. That is about it. Very Sad. If the Wilson/Avilia trade for Candy and Paredes trade evaporates Al Avilia had zippo to hang his hat on trade wise besides Wentz.
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