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  1. That's great to hear and know. Thanks and much appreciated.
  2. Thanks. Glad we can go over like 84 said.
  3. He was an early 3rd rounder so hard to improve on that for the risk and delay his clock but I still worry a bit.
  4. Thanks for posting. Note the last line of the Quote "four years from now"..and thats going to be the rub. Boras will want four year deal since 2 or 3 makes him too old for another deal. Detroit and the "emotion" of this moment is something Boras will try to utilize to get a contract much larger and longer than an objective contract would be. So I think he's gone which is unfortunate. Hope they can meet mid way but Boras seems to get what he wants. It's also going to be a true measure of "little I's" commitment level. Interesting it will be.
  5. Golly gee Magee I just looked at the standings to see where we are in relation to a playoff spot instead of getting the first pick in the draft !!
  6. Perfect choice for our current situation..."we're gonna polish up our act "...ha. ha..its fun again !!
  7. We just might have the best manager in the game who quite possibly will be our next general manager if he becomes a foundational employee.
  8. So now it’s the Tigers and the Cruzer family we are rooting for. Speedy recovery.
  9. I bet their manager got an earful from AL
  10. He’s the Gardenier of GM’s and now we need the Hinch. Having said that he did hire AJ, hit huge on Badoo and drafted well last year. If he hits on Jobe and free agency he will be here to stay for the duration.
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