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  1. Actually, I created world peace in another thread, but you were busy pretending to ignore me.
  2. ME, I DID!!! LOOK AT ME!!! (wait, I think I have to start a thread on the Tigers board in order for that to happen, nevermind). Buddha, just because I never called you doesn't mean you have to act like what we had means nothing.
  3. I, for one, am sick and tired of BYU!!!
  4. Ok, if anyone felt the Earth stop its rotation for a second, that is because I am agreeing with Hongbit. Yeah, Ranger and a couple of other Ohio State posters piss me off, but frankly they have kind of earned the bragging rights around here. I much prefer talking with Casimir about Ohio State stuff...but he isn't around that much. I know that I personally would appreciate if more topics stayed on point in the college forum, but there was no reason for both sides to let it get like this. Yeah, I got in my jab too...it seems to be the only way to fit in around here now. By the way, I add to my ignore list daily now it seems (but I don't trumpet to the world who is on it - mostly because it should be obvious).
  5. Euph, you had better shutup. That is the ROY you are talking to, he is now an award winning poster. You better check yourself from now on buddy.
  6. Sweet, I made THE LIST, I am honored. Ok, so back to Rich Rodriguez..... From my understanding of his contract there were numerous stipulations that WVU didn't meet. If they had met them, then Rich Rodriguez would still be their coach and Ron English would be the Head Coach of the Wolverines.
  7. Good point, it could be just as good as the Dunn/Duckett pairing in ATL.
  8. I just bought my father-in-law a 47" LG 1080p LCD. It is pretty nice and I got a great deal on it. I will be getting a Pioneer KURO when I start to build my movie room. I do like the Westinghouse 1080p LCD sets though (which I might get as a secondary TV once my current Pioneer Plasma goes out). BTW - I would like to agree with the othesr about the HDMI cords. Go cheap on them, no use wasting the extra $$$ that could go towards something else. Also remember to get a VERY good surge protector.
  9. It isn't going to happen. For some reason we can't seem to have actual discussions about stuff related to Michigan or Ohio State anymore. I miss Casimir, where the hell has he been.
  10. You know, if it weren't for the fact that you are a sweatervester, I think we could be friends...
  11. Agreed, however, I am not sure he would like to come back and risk playing in an unfamiliar system in 2008 - which could possibly hurt his draft stock.
  12. I think this one area Michigan has really been lacking. So I am very excited to hear this.
  13. Also, Michael Turner is going to be an Unrestricted Free Agent. He would be VERY interesting. I could see Cadillac Williams getting traded this offseason as well.
  14. Steve Slaton, if he comes out, would be very interesting. I hope KJ can recover though.
  15. Derek Jeter and Grady Sizmore. DUH!
  16. My mom died from it last year - I laughed at the thread title. In fact, I am still laughing at it. BTW zimm, I am glad your parents have (fully?) recovered from it
  17. See, that is one area I can blast. Their mom is a fruit loop. If anyone buys her new "how to be an awesome mom" book I hope they do the exact opposite of anything she has suggested.
  18. I would like to congratulate all of you on waiting until you were married and out of high school to engage in sexual intercourse.
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