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  1. Looking at team needs, there should be alot of RBs available in the 2nd/3rd just because a majority of teams are set at RB. RB has been one of the deepest positions in recent years. Steve Slaton is coming out now...so that makes Mendenhall, Stewart, Slaton, the kid from UCF, Mike Hart and several others as possible 1st day picks at the very least.
  2. I saw a post on mgoblog that had a lot of throws in it. The passes were mostly deep balls down the sidelines though - not many over the middle bullets. He does remind me of Vince Young quite a bit. Hopefully (if he goes to U of M) they can refine his passing ability.
  3. This is a common thing though. Its not as if this is the first time it was mentioned.
  4. While I agree with you 100%, I think we both know the most likely eventual outcome.
  5. Most likely. Just imagine if an MSU fan did something similar regarding Michigan, the backlash would be huge. Just prepare for the inevitable I guess
  6. Perhaps I am just being a sour puss, but maybe us Michigan fans should wait until we actually BEAT Ohio State before making fun of them.
  7. At the very least. OPS, HRs and RBIs don't meant much in terms of helping teams win games. Plus, we all know that when someone does something in Tampa Bay it doesn't actually count.
  8. The guy we had a 1B last year vastly outperformed Carlos Pena
  9. IF the Lions take a RB, I would prefer that guy to be from a non-BCS school and taken 3rd round or later.
  10. Tampa Bay is in the AL...same as the Tigers. I think Carlos finally figured something out last year. I think this is one guy I will always regret the Tigers getting rid of.
  11. I respectfully disagree. Until DirecTV and DISH offer it up it will not be any sort of competition. I would love to see stats of how many people purchase a movie on Pay-Per-View vs how many rent the same movie. Even with DVRs nowadays, I am pretty sure most Americans prefer to rent/buy the discs.
  12. Is it possible that we could get a Mod to move the Michigan QB discussions all to this thread? Thanks! (If it is NOT possible - please delete this thread)
  13. PLEASE STOP!!!! We already have numerous other threads discussing these very same topics. It is obvious that you do ot comprehend sarcasm so I am making a blunt and obvious request that you just stop. How many stupid freaking threads do we need on the Michigan QB topic.
  14. Yes. I believe that sentiment is also carried through on several other similar threads. Pyror would be awesome...but who knows what he will do. Until then, start loving Steven Threet.
  15. Shockingly, he also holds that record on my NCAA Football 2008 (although it took place in the 2008 season).
  16. Considering I had yet to see anything regarding Pryor/Mallett in previous threads I could not agree with you more.
  17. I have read several comments that Carlos Brown may see quite a bit of time at QB next year (similar to a Darren McFadden role I think). Combine that with Threet, I think that would be pretty fun to watch.
  18. ABS, you are the man with the plan....keep fighting the good fight.
  19. Wait, actual news was broken on Rome's show? Thsi is groundbreaking
  20. This is the last thing I will say about Stanton (for at least 5 minutes....): I hope the guy has an outstanding NFL career and I REALLY hope it is with the Detroit Lions. I like seeing people from local programs succeed at the next level and I love the Lions. My problem with the pick is essentially what Buddha and LGB have detailed. #1 The Lions seem to look at the draft as a seperate occurance every year instead of a continually flowing process to help develop your club. They seem to make picks based on THAT year, not any preceeding or following years. Instead of looking at the draft (like ALL of us could) and seeing that while the 2007 crop was rather weak at QB the 2008 class was going to be strong, they chose to bypass a position of need and a position of strength within the draft in order to fill a hole they didn't NEED to fill. #2 Staton was hurt quite a bit in college. Regardless of how good the player is, if that player is "injury prone" then they handicap the team. We see this with Kevin Jones, Fernando Bryant and various LBs. I will be using Stanton as my QB when I play Madden with the Lions (in franchise mode). However, the fact that the Lions could have gotten an immediate gain from that 2nd round pick and instead essentially forfieted that pick for a year (because they IRed him) means it was a wasted pick in 2007. Essentially, the Lions are drafting Drew Stanton in 2008, except they already have him signed...and know he has injury issues at the pro-level.
  21. Congrats. Opening Day of Deer Season in MI (that rules out a good portion of the posters). BTW - When did Texas ok those types of marriages?
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