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  1. I did not see it that way, so yeah, I will DennisDubay.
  2. I have a Pioneer portable (the one before the Inno) and I have the Antenna in a window. It works 100%
  3. XM has A LOT of College Football (and basketball)...
  4. BTW - in my user cp it says that Oblong made the last post at 10:05 - but twe posts followed that (and yes I hit refresh). Just wanted to make people aware. EDIT - Now is shows up that this post was the last, but I am still having some issue with pages loading.
  5. I would add Michigan's streak of 1 gajillion bowl games in a row to that list.
  6. Looks like we got into it. Thanks MWG makes NO profit from this website whatsoever? GMail is also free to me. I bet GMail would miss me about as much as you guys would miss me (which is not at all). If this is truly a hobby done by MWG in his spare time then my perception of this site is very different. It was my understanding (and I know I am not alone in this) that this was a business venture by MWG. Motownsports is to the Michigan Sports Information World as Google is to the internet. Yeah, different market sizes, but it is an apt comparison. Given that this site continues to atrract new users on a daily basis then adjustments must be made to ensure service to ALL of its users. Once again, if this is "just a hobby" by MWG and not a "for profit" venture - then my perception will change. I am not meaning to come across as rude in my discussions with MWG, Biff, or yourself. I am simply defending a percieved attack upon some people that I am very close friends with. As is so often said "two wrongs do not make a right". Granted, I very rarely buy into that - but since it fits here, I am using it.
  7. Well, in a matter of time, it isn't really going to matter....
  8. I thought post #10 was a great follow-up personally. Biff, perhaps we are actually talking about different instances of unhappiness in regards to this issue - but I don't think we are. Like I said, sometimes it is the straw that breaks the camel's back.
  9. Considering I have around 11K posts, how has this reaction never been attached to one of my posts?
  10. I think we are talking about one PM in particular that seems to have been shared. From my understanding, things like this were discussed previously (but I could be mistaken). This is not a new problem though. It is akin to being the straw that broke the camel's back. I am sure you can understand that and have been in similar situations before. EDIT: Also, if my GMail wasn't working, I honestly would have no idea how to get in contact with them - I do appreciate that there is a mechanisim in place to deal with site issues (of a technical and service nature) here.
  11. Yup, I am sure mine, as well as yours, can be that way. They are my friends none the less and I will continue to stick up for them.
  12. That is an incorrect analogy - but I don't want to get into it. If my email is not working, I can complain to GMail and I expect them to fix the problem. People who don't contribute add a lot to this site and have the right to make those who run the site aware of how the service is performing. You can choose to listen or not.
  13. I cannot speak for all, but I knwo that was done by some. If you are referring to me - my post in this thread regarding my ability to see the site was purely joking (although I am still have some issues posting and viewing). As for "how much this place sucks" if someone truly felt that this place sucked - I am sure they would leave. It isn't my choice - I don't contribute. However, I am going to stick up for my friends when I feel they are being attacked (and in this case I felt they were). I see that as extremely fair given how everyone else seems to stand up for their friends here.
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