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  1. Hongbit

    F-1 Redux

    I have to say that I’m a little shocked.
  2. Breshad Perriman is one of the fastest players in the league. Kalif Raymond is a low 4.3 guy. They can stretch the field. Whether they can catch it is a whole other thing.
  3. I think people are foolish to put a significant portion of their money in Crypto. I also think they are foolish to ignore it and not invest anything. It’s not going away.
  4. He’s got 1 year, maybe even less if loses to Mel Tucker again.
  5. My biggest concern with DOGE is that almost 100 unknown wallets control about 98% of the coins. Great option to ride the wave but I’d be terrified to stay long on it. It’s not BTC.
  6. Hongbit

    F-1 Redux

    I’m not sure that Merc even needed their 2nd stop to win. They were going to catch Max at the end especially after 42 laps on the same set of yellow. RB needed to stop right after Lewis went in and instead got caught in no mans land.
  7. Lions projected to get extra 3rd, 5th, 6th next year. Quite a nice haul.
  8. I haven’t watched any of the clone wars seasons. How would that impact my understanding of the show?
  9. Speaking of the Bears. They are throwing caution to the wind. They drafted the 4th best OT in the 2nd round and are just giving him their starting LT job sight unseen.
  10. Just the opposite. I think the Lions had such a terrific draft that even a 89 year old man with questionable senility can see it.
  11. He was a great mind back in the day. The Godfather of pro scouting. That can’t be denied. He’s been out of the league for 30 years and he’s 89 years old. I don’t value the opinion anymore. The game has changed as has his cognitive ability. Hes had some pretty wacky predictions the past few years. He’s not the same Sorry.
  12. Brandt is 89 years old. If he likes our draft that actually concerns me. He’s the definition of scouting dinosaur stuck in the old school that worked a long time ago.
  13. Benched 20 reps at 225 which is insane for a 200lb WR. His dad is a former Mr. Universe who has had him lifting since he was in grade school.
  14. I like what St. Brown can do. He actually reminds me of Marvin Jones. Not flashy ot spectacular in any one area but super solid overall and very productive. I think he’s a great 4th round pick. I thought he’d go late 2nd or early 3rd. All the depth at WR probably hurt him as teams kept waiting knowing there were so many good ones available.
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