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  1. Interesting how things work as opt out rookies Sewell and Chase who struggled massively in preseason come out and play like studs when the lights come on for real.
  2. Great fight. I think there are some good lessons to take from this game. The defense was pretty awful but the offense did much more than I anticipated. It gives me more hope that they are capable of beating some of the lessor teams on the schedule.
  3. This sums up our defense today. He’s missed multiple plays that have led directly to touchdowns.
  4. I thought he played it pretty well. Good turn at the right moment and waved his hand at the ball and almost got it. Pass was under thrown and Samuel made a nice play.
  5. On a team of really bad defensive players, Will Harris continues to find ways to stand out as the worst of them all.
  6. The halo saved Lewis life. Both at fault once again but this time I think Lewis needed to leave more space. The real question is can Bottas make podium after starting at the back. Shoot, he may actually win.
  7. It just reinforces how bad the past regime really was. I’m honestly impressed that Holmes is willing to take a big step back this season in order to move forward for the future. It needed to be done in order to build a better foundation from the ground. It’s too bad they have to wait until they can feasibly move on from the Flowers, Vaitai, and Collins contracts instead of dumping them now.
  8. Unfortunately I see this game completely dominated by the SF defense. OL is overwhelmed and Goff and the running game can’t do much. Typical Lions penalties hinder on both side of the ball even with the new regime. The only TD comes late in a blowout. SF 31 Lions 10
  9. At least he gets to stay in F1 but he’s never stepping foot on a podium again. Russell on the other hand gets the dream ride. The sky’s the limit now that he has a car and stands to be the face of Mercedes for many years to come even after Lewis and Toto leave.
  10. Just checking to see if you fell and hit your head.
  11. They need start planning the parade route down Michigan Ave.
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