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  1. This scene keeps playing in my head this morning. 023986c5-8a53-49d2-8e0a-c002da68db6f.mp4
  2. He was always one of my favorites too. He had two really great years, three really awful years, and seven good to very good years. He averaged 14 wins a year over his career, and seem to implode once every eight to 10 starts or so. I think anyone today would take a picture who won 14 games a year for a decade for your team.
  3. That earned him 150 career victories and 128 million dollars.
  4. More recently, Mike Gerber was going to be hitting balls out of Copa for the next decade. Cup of coffee in 2018, mashed in the PCL in 2019, and seems to be out of baseball now.
  5. I wonder if Fielder, Tettleton, Deer, and Incavilia would approve if this bunch used that moniker as well.
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