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  1. The balk might have cost us the game, but they didn't give up and had the tying run at the plate. I don't think you give Krol many more chances, not in a close game anyway.
  2. I'm more nervous about Ian coming in than if manning had stayed in.
  3. The increase in volume is absolutely awful. I listen to the games on a wireless speaker through my phone, so it isn't hard to turn the volume up and down, just annoying. Reminds me of the days before TVs had remotes and you had to get up and go turn the TV down when the commercials came on. Then when the program came back on you had to get up and turn it back up.
  4. Regardless of what your cup of tea is in the bedroom, we must understand that some people have very, very different "kinks". The BDSM lifestyle is very big, open, and not nearly as taboo as it was just 10 years ago. Because you or I might find a kink to be unfathomable, some people will find that kink a huge turn on. This applies to both men and women. Nothing I've read in the descriptions of the acts preformed are out of the ordinary for people who enjoys such things. Especially the breath play. This is much more common then anyone would admit. Like the ESPN story reported, I am sure limitations and a safe word were discussed by both parties. And then they had consensual sex. In my opinion, they both made a huge mistake. You do not enter a sexual relationship such as this on the first date. It takes a lot of time to establish the trust needed for such things. Weeks and months. Not a few hours. Since the trust was never built, communication was not established, and Trevor got himself into the situation he is in now. Evtyone in the world knows his kinks.
  5. There is a world of difference between untapped talent and "dialing it up". JD was an unemployed 25 year old who knew what he was doing was not going to keep him in the big leagues. So, he completely re-tooled himself, changed his mechanics, approach, and mind- set. It worked for him. I bet for 90% of players that face that challenge, it doesn't work. See Jacoby Jones. Anyone who is not on a long term contract is fighting to stay in the Show everyday and is giving it 100%. You can't afford not to. Make a minimum of $550,000 in the majors or go back to the minors for a fraction of that. With the exception of the NBA and being a Tiger Woods level golfer, no where else can you make that much money your first year on the job. "Dialing it up" is reaching back and getting another 2 miles on your fastball to get a big strikeout or finding another gear to go first to third on a single. If players could simply will themselves to be better, we would have a much different game. It doesn't work that way.
  6. The Giants have 11 coaches on their ML staff. That is like a coach for every 2.3 players. I do wonder if that has any impact on their success. I think it has to be a factor. Since not every player is going to react to the same coach the same way, it might be a great thing to be able to go to someone that you feel "gets you" rather than having a one size fits all approach. If SF continue to do well this season and makes the playoffs, you will see more teams try the more coaches the better format.
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