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  1. I think Sam sucks and they wasted their save. He's a pretty boy with a very bland, lackluster voice. They should've saved their save for Malaya, Jena or Caleb - even Jess. The rest are a waste of space. They put on boring, poor performances week after week. At this point I believe that Jena has stepped up. She has improved week after week. Malaya needs to do something amazing soon. Caleb is good, but he's a one trick pony so far - scream, scream and more scream. He needs to change it up. Jess is good, but she's not that good. She's a typical female bar singer. I see nothing special in her (other than her hair).
  2. I thought America got the bottom three correct. I also thought Randy's assessment of the top three was correct. At this point (as usual), I dont really care which of the half-talents go home....just get 'em gone and let's get down to seeing the really talented ones sing. Caleb, Jena and Malaya are still the only 3 worth talking about in my opinion. Jess is decent and I thought this was her best week vocally. Sam is still a Ricky Nelson - more cute than talent. The kid from Boston that did the Gwen Stefani song was decent this week as well. But decent and good are not American Idols, so the sooner America sees that, the better....I guess. Dexter is boring and only a decent singer. CJ had a cool idea, but sings out of key on a regular basis At this point I like Jena. She's smart, beautiful, and is getting better as the competition unwinds. Caleb is a really talented singer, but stuck in a time warp musically. The screaming stuff gets old after a while. Malaya still has an amazing spark and I can see her doing much more than music. What's amazing to me is that these two young girls from the Detroit area are still hanging in there. They are both quite talented for 16 year old girls. Just amazing stuff.
  3. Jose Iglesias Expected To Miss Most of 2014 By Aaron Steen [March 15 at 5:07pm CST] Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias will miss most of the 2014 season with a shin injury, Jim Bowden of ESPN tweets, citing a player close to Iglesias. The injury has fueled speculation that the Tigers will now pursue Stephen Drew, Bowden notes. Iglesias hit just .259/.306/.348 for the Tigers in 46 games after arriving in a midseason trade with Boston in 2013, but is widely regarded as one of the game's top defensive shortstops. The Tigers were relying on Iglesias to serve as the cog in a more defense-oriented infield, so replacing him at this point in the offseason will be a challenge. Drew likely represents the most simple option for doing so. Drew, 31, hit .253/.333/.443 with his typically strong shortstop defense for the World Champion Red Sox in 2013, but his 124 games played was his highest total since 2010. The Scott Boras client managed just 79 games in 2012 and 86 games in 2011. That fragility is likely one major factor in his continued availability. The other, of course, is the draft pick compensation Drew is tied to after declining a qualifying offer from the Red Sox. If the Tigers do sign him, they'll lose what is currently the 23rd overall pick in the 2014 draft. Forfeiting that pick could be a tough pill for Detroit to swallow. GM Dave Dombrowski had managed to avoid doing so thus far this offseason, with his major acquisition -- second baseman Ian Kinsler -- coming via trade rather than free agency. However, Detroit ultimately has few other options if the goal is replacing Iglesias with an impact player. Indeed, this situation -- team with playoff aspirations loses middle infielder to injury late in Spring Training -- seems to be precisely what Boras has waited for. Mariners infielder Nick Franklin is a potential alternative. His name has appeared frequently in trade rumors since the Robinson Cano signing, and as the owner of less than a year of service time, he'd pair with third baseman Nick Castellanos to give the Tigers two talented, cost-controlled infielders. On the other hand, Dombrowski may be hesistant to hand two starting infield jobs to unproven players in a season in which the Tigers expect to contend for a championship.
  4. The three artists that I like are Jena, Malaya and Caleb. I have concerns whether a heavy rocker can win, but he proved last night that he can expand his style. If he keeps it up, he's the one to beat. I do like Malaya. Her energy is contagious. I do like Jena. Even though she's young, she's got power and presence. The rest pretty much bore me into oblivious. MK did look better. She has an interesting voice, but does nothing to inspire. She's dull and boring as are many of the others. I thought that Majesty had something special at one time, but last night she was pretty dreadful. Sam is merely a cute face with a boring voice.
  5. The thing about Sam is - he's really handsome with some talent. He reminds of of a young Ricky Nelson. He has potential. I don't think he has the vocals to be American Idol. But you never know, those little girls vote a lot. This week I liked Malaya the best, especially after last week's debacle. The rest were just average and not inspiring. The girl who went home was pretty bad. MK is being kept on the show by the "gay" vote in my opinion. This week was worse than last (if that's possible). She butchered that Train song. She's odd, has a weird personality and is pretty dull. Look, I don't care whether she's gay or not - she's the one who pushes that issue in the viewers faces each week from the get-go. But she's not a good singer. She's a folk singer at best, but she's a crappy guitar player. She can barely accompany herself, but is so awkward without the guitar she needs it for a prop.
  6. I think Alex was pretty good, Ben (Doing Johnny Cash) was dreadful, Jena was good, Dexter was ok but dull, Majesty was dynamite, MK was ok, Kristin was nervous, rough and boring, Caleb was really decent but didn't use much range and seems to just yell a lot, Milaya was bad because she jumps around too much I think America got it wrong because Ben was worse than Kristin. Milaya is much better than she illustrated this week but she is very young.
  7. Sorry Ray, I just wasn't a fan of Sam at all. He bored me to tears, as did many of the contestants so far. I liked Caleb Johnson (the big dude who sings rock) the most. Even with that being said, I wasn't in love with any of them. My favorite so far is Malaya from Southfield, MI. She's a bit of a loose cannon though. But she's cute, quirky, really talented and exciting to watch. Too many dull performers so far. IMO if you're gonna sing a ballad, you gotta NAIL it and BRING it.
  8. While I'm not doing my usual reviews no each episode, I'm still watching. The judges are quite a bit better than the past several seasons. The talent is definitely there this year. They sent some folks home that I thought had great talent. That being said, I'm rooting for the two Detroit girls that are on. I'm betting that another soul singer wins this year. I really like the girl from Southfield. I don't know if she can win because of her youth and inexperience. The other Detroit girl plays piano and is a powerhouse, but also has some limitations. I guess we'll see.
  9. This show is one of the sickest, twisted shows ever on tv .... I can't get enough of it !!!
  10. Valerie Harper Bobby Brown Burt Reynolds Jen Arnold (star of "Little Couple") Casey Kasem Wilko Johnson (guitarist)
  11. I'm totally IN on the R. Davis signing. This team is getting more balanced before our very eyes. With Iglesias, Jackson, Rajai Davis, Kinsler they've made the team much more speedy. This is something the Tigers haven't had in forever. I'm on board. I used to love Shin Soo when he was an Indian. Dude can hit, ain't no doubt. He's a heck of an outfielder. But to me, 100 million+ is just silly money for this guy. I'd love to see him on the team, but not at a long term contract for those kind of numbers.
  12. I think that occasionally Will Ferrell is funny. Most of the time, I think he's less than funny. But that being said, I should quantify this by stating, I have a jacked up sense of humor and don't find too many things funny these days.
  13. I don't believe Oswald was the lone shooter. I believe it was a conspiracy. I believe the autopsy was falsified. But I am a conspiracy theorist about a lot of things. I believe this particular incident was the first big conspiracy of many to follow. Just my opinion. I was thinking of writing a twisted story about the JFK Assasination and blame Jackie, Aristotle Onassis, and Sam Giancana. Isn't the spouse usually the first one to blame in a murder?
  14. I'm not a fan of this choice. However, I'd give Bozo the Clown a chance, so I'm waiting and watching before I BLOW MY GASKET !!!
  15. I see that Thornton is available. http://http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/11/02/red-sox-decline-2014-option-on-reliever-matt-thornton/
  16. I don't have any better ideas at this point.
  17. I just read that Ozzie Guillen said it would be hid dream job to manage Cabrera. Hmmmmmm and it would be our nightmare.
  18. Man, I really despise this list the more i look at it. I could handle Eric Wedge. I do believe that LLOYD is getting the job, and that makes me throw up in my mouth a little.
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