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  1. I wonder if Arizona would like to trade managers......ala Joe Gordon and Jimmy Dykes.
  2. I guess Joe Nathan never heard of Juan Gonzalez. Nathan's life could get real ugly around these parts, and by the look of things probably will. I feel like the fans might've been a little crazy booing him. I'm not a booer of my team and it's players. However, he has sucked terribly and he was sucking again. He may have gotten lucky yesterday. Doing the gesture thing and using profanity etc. is certainly not going to endear him to the fans of this town. These fans are pretty dang loyal. However Joe should realize this ain't Texas, this ain't San Fran, and this ain't Minnesota. These fans CAN be as rabid as Philadelphia, Boston or New York when they have the right reason. Joe needs to come out and apologize today profusely or his life is going to get real miserable here in Detroit.
  3. I enjoyed the first episode. However, I see the potential for it to suck quickly if not handled properly.
  4. If they were to fine Ausmus and suspend him, I'm wondering what the PC folks would think appropriate. Beyond that, what would they deem appropriate if Ausmus actually DID beat his wife?
  5. It needs "IF" as a qualifier because a minority of people can't see it as a poor excuse of a joke. They want to make more out of it than what it is. Most people didn't get offended. If I were Brad, for the next few games I'd just read my statements after the game and not answer questions. Or maybe I'd just answer yes and no. The thing I find interesting is that Brad gives a good, concise interview after every game. He does his best to answer questions honestly. He's a big upgrade over the mumbling, insulting, food spewing interviews we've been accustomed to for the last several years.
  6. "Honestly detective, I didn't mean to bash her face completely in".
  7. One of the best drummers to ever come out of Detroit !
  8. Here's what I think about Jena. She's young - just turned 17. She's talented, perfect pitch which is amazing for someone so young. She has a style that is unique while maintaining her pitch. While her vocal style is a bit of a rip-off (many young girls these days cop that same style of singing) but it's still got an honesty to it. She's cute, got a cute smile, she's sweet and she was the best female on IDOL this year. Do I think she's better than Caleb? Not necessarily, but she's at least equal. It is what it is.
  9. If the Tigers drop him today, which lefty will they bring in to take his place? Just wondering.
  10. Wayne County Prosecutor receives warrant request for Tigers play - Fox 2 News Headlines
  11. Here's my take: Jena doing the "Florence and the Machine" song was a hoot because Florence's voice is dreadful. While Jena sung it better than Florence, the song itself SUCKS! What a terrible choice. Simon Fuller shouldn't get to choose a song. Caleb doing Aerosmith is old and tired. He did it great and the good thing was that he didn't try to imitate Steven Tyler. Kudos to him for that. Jena sang "Can't Help Falling In Love" (FYI Huey--- Fools Rush In is a song by Ricky Nelson). Of course it was great and wonderful and all that stuff. Caleb doing Maybe I'm Amazed was great as well, but maybe not as amazing. The originals were both terrible, Jena's being a little more terrible. Caleb's song might've been ok if it wasn't over-produced with tons of backing vocals and too many instruments etc. Is he sure THIS is what he wants? I see him more like a Bad Company guy or something like that. I see him in a regular rock and roll band with guitar, bass, drums etc, not a huge ensemble. All in all, the final night of singing was boring and awful. America's gonna do what America's gonna do. It's pretty much a toss-up for me. I do hope Jena wins because of her local affiliation. Either way, she'll get a recording deal.
  12. Never happen..... Nobody owns a declining scale. That's the only similarity between Spirit and Led Z that I can detect. Isn't there a statute of limitations or something?
  13. Well, IMO the songs that Randy and the judges picked were pretty much dreadful choices. They were hard to listen to. Luckily, I record the show and watch it later so I could fast forward thru commercials and the bull-crap. I still think Jena is the best with Caleb a close 2nd. Alex is ok, but he's just not that great - so I guess he'll win.
  14. This week was the same ol story.....Jena and Caleb were amazing, Alex and Jess were good but not amazing. Just when I thought Caleb had the performance of the night with Maybe I"m Amazed (which was pretty amazing), Jena killed it with "Can't Help Falling in Love"..... that little girl never ceases to amaze me. She has grown the most of any of the contestants!!! Good for her. Unfortunartely, Jess is just lackluster to watch. Alex always does his thing, but his thing is pretty dull, although pretty decent. I'd love to see Jena win this thing, partially because she's from the Detroit area, partially because she's so young, but mostly because she's really interesting, different and talented.
  15. Sam is young and cute. If he were to go home and practice, practice, practice and perform every chance he gets he could one day be something really special.....I see him as a future Chris Isaak. Jena has a unique sounding voice, is unique looking and has the potential to do something special. Time will tell. Sometimes musicians can have loads of talent and everything going for them yet never make it. Producers, agents, record companies have a habit of destroying some great talents. The business end can eat you alive. Caleb is a great rock and roll singer and has everything to make it too. I can see some famous band in need of a singer picking him up.
  16. I'm still a fan of Caleb and Jena. The rest are truly boring. As a matter of fact, I didn't even watch them. I painted my hallway and watched it dry. They are more boring than watching paint dry. Anyway, the right one went home tonight. Sam is dull, flat, tired and has no future. He should've been gone long ago. I think they have a pretty decent top 4. Malaya should've stayed.
  17. IMO Caleb was last night's winner. He smoked on both songs. Jena is always my favorite, but her second song was probably the worst I've heard her. Jessica was good as usual - but in typical Jessica fashion, she merely duplicates the songs, looks thoroughly unenthused and adds nothing new to the songs.... she's just a bar singer and there are thousands just like her across the country. The rest - put me to sleep. CJ is definitely the worst and has been for quite a while. Sam is totally boring. At least Alex has a style of his own and has potential to do something after the show.
  18. I thought Malaya got screwed. CJ is dreadful, Dexter was worse than a karaoke singer doing terrible version of an overdone song, and boring Sam sticks around yet again. The judges wasted their save last week. The only performance this week that I thought was worthy was Caleb's. Everything else was dull and tiresome. I thought Jena's performance was her just trying too hard to be different, same with Alex. Jessica sang well, but just copied the song. I guess there is a fine line between making a song your own, and overdoing it. Sorry to see Malaya go so soon, especially before CJ, Dexter and Sam.
  19. I'm glad he's leaving. He bores me. He's arrogant. He's insulting and rude at times. I don't find him funny at all - but he does. Walt's choice of Taran Killam is a really good choice IMO. He's really funny on SNL.
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