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  1. I never considered that he might be injured. Something worth thinking about qsilvr.
  2. I honestly feel sorry for the guy. So much is expected of him, and for some reason, he's just not getting it done. He needs to go out and pitch a 9 inning shutout. Maybe that would get him going.
  3. I'm honestly sorry that you took my thread so harshly Enjolras....seriously....considering you werent the any of the persons i was referring to. AND -- FYI I believe i was number #24 on the original board. And one more thing - I apologize Melissa -- you are so right. Entirely my mistake.
  4. I remeber that when Randy came aboard he was considered this young, talented GM with great new ideas and nothing but future ahead of him. Boy were we suckered in that time. Also, TigerCap -- #3 -- RIGHTON! You said it best.
  5. Agreed regarding Higginson. But his hands were tied.
  6. I think Jacko thinks he's worthy of being the Tigers Pitching Coach or even manager. I think he overestimates his worth -- as usual.
  7. 21,000 tickets sold -- 8 people attending seriously, 21,000 sold
  8. I think Alou will head for higher ground unless he sees something tremendous occur here, and they offer him a contract! Basically, I think he's gone ASAP.
  9. Halla- Freakin - Luhya -- (said with your best Jack Nicholson accent) Occasionally I tune in to the Detroit Tigers website, and the Cleveland Indians Website and the White sox website -- what a pile of garbage those have turned into. It's childish, inane, and just not worthy of any kind of input. Thank you Ernie, you nailed it bigtime.
  10. I think you hit the nail on the head Biff when you said "human decency" - that's the point I was trying to make. I am very sorry for making you think that I was saying that long timers deserve more respect than short timers. That just isn't so. I was merely indicating that long timers have left this board simply because of LACK OF HUMAN DECENCY. I agree totally that everyone has an opinion. I love the fact that qslr backs his up with stats. He TEACHES ME STUFF. Some of my own opinions are formed by some of the things message boarders say. But there is just no call for lack of human decency. This message board is a great community! I'm just sorry to see some of the older boarders leave and for the reasons they have left, or stopped posting as much. AND -- also, I wasn't even referring to MYSELF!!!
  11. point proven enjolras! thanks for the excellent illustration. tell Mikie I. I said Hi. Oh, and by the way how much do you get paid for your Tigers consulting?
  12. I've noticed recently that some of the long time users of this board are taking some flack from a few semi-long time users. It appears there are a few of you out there that think your opinions are gospel. I would recommend those of you that feel that way, contact Mr. Mike Illitch, or Mr. Dave Dombrowski. I'm sure they would enjoy having your incredible expertise on board with the Tigers! If you think that you have been here a long long time -- i suggest you go back to the orginal Tigers Board and check out the names of those you may criticize - Seems that a lot of them have here much longer than you and deserve some kind of respect. I'm really just ask that you lighten up and accept the opinons of others as just that -- opinions -- JUST LIKE YOURS. A lot of this childish stuff is the reason why a few of my own friends rarely respond here any longer. They don't wish to be compared or judged or to be part of this childish game. I refuse to get into a childish battle when anyone who decides to play that game. This has always been THE BEST message board of the Tigers, and I'd like to see it get back to that.
  13. "produce or expect something really bad to happen. I'm talking about complete fan shutdown -- it's on the horizon" I never said I, personally was going to start a fan shutdown... duh
  14. I can only tell you that the story I've heard for the last 7 - 10 years is exactly the same -- rebuild! We're the the rebuilding process, we're gonna rebuild -- I'm sick of rebuiding....You can't rebuild something that was never built in the first place... Dombrowski, unfortunately, has inherited a team that has been making the same promises for too long.....times up -- produce or expect something really bad to happen. I'm talking about complete fan shutdown -- it's on the horizon.
  15. Is anybody out there listening to this garbage? Is anybody heaving in unison? I only have one other quote - " ah you talkin ta me"? He can't be saying these things and expecting me to buy it... Mike, I mean Mr. I, your puppet is way outta control! Make him stop!!!
  16. Hey Emj : I only have one comment .... you may be absolutely right with what you say -- however, in the meantime, while Mr. Moneybags Illitch practices a baseball team owner, we are expected to pay and pay and pay and pay and pay year after year for a team that's merely a minor league team in major league clothing. that simply isn't fair, or right -- and the fans are now show their disdain by not attending the games. what is wrong with this picture?
  17. What you are failing to take into consideration is.... Mr. Dombrowski and the Tigers ownership doesn't give a good hot damn about you as a fan.... It's not about fans.....it's about making money. Fans tradiitionally don't spend much money at a game -- that's because they are there to watch the game - the non-fans come to spend the big bucks, buy lots of food, souveniers etc. because they only come once or twice per year. Just look at the Tigers payroll vs. profits......they rank one of the highest profit margins in baseball.... It's done by pulling the biggest SHEIST on the fans. Promises, player changes that don't make a big impact, are the things that keep us fools coming back. Illitch should be THROWN OUT ON HIS ARSSSS!!!
  18. The Tigers Winning Percentage is the same as Dean Palmers batting average, which is the same as the number of pitchers on the team that have yet to give up a run..... Maybe this should be telling us something....
  19. How about, they place a camera at the foot of the stage of one of the topless bars in the area and broadcast that over the BIG SCREEN/scoreboard at Comerica Park...
  20. If you notice, when the field lights come on -- those lights are not comerica park's lights.
  21. Since the Tigers started so poorly, and Shane Halter has literally sucked so far - what would be the harm of using Infante? It would give the kid a chance to play big league ball. Halter has the least range i've ever seen in a shortstop. THEN - there's Macias. He has no range at 2nd base. When you put the two of them together on the same infield, it's total disaster. Neither of them cover enough ground to be worthy at their positions. Devi Cruz had a lot more range than Halter, and he was considered poor. Easley should be at 2nd and Infante at short -- NOW!
  22. Higgy has his big fat mouth running again. He challenged Art Roegner to come Comerica park? Higgy, thinks that kicking the ass of a broadcaster will make the team better? Higgy is so inmature. If he could channel some of that energy into playing baseball, we'd all be better off. Does Higgy think that he can solve the worlds problems by being violent? Why can't Higgy show the class of a Tony Clark? Why can't he just go out and play his ass off? Why can't he just earn his $9 million by playing the game and shutting his trap. I sincerely hope that Dombrowski has his fill, and trades Higgy.
  23. you, my friend, may be absolutely right -- let's all get on our knees and pray together.
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