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  1. Dang, Tigers are gonna trade Avila and get Trumbo .....
  2. I wouldn't be against trading Porcello to Atlanta for Upton and Chris Johnson.....Upton and Castellanos to the outfield, Johnson plays 3b.
  3. For some reason, I have a sneaking suspicion that if the Tigers get Cespedes the fans will end up hating his guts. I think his production is much lower than his natural abilities suggest....that never works here in the D.
  4. Maybe the Tigers could get Dirks back?? Blue Jays Non-Tender Mayberry, Smoak, Dirks – MLB Trade Rumors Blue Jays Non-Tender Mayberry, Smoak, Dirks By Jeff Todd [December 2, 2014 at 11:19pm CST] The Blue Jays have non-tendered a trio of recently-acquired position players in John Mayberry Jr., Justin Smoak, and Andy Dirks, the club announced.
  5. "Hopefully, he'll be able to work some of those things out in Toledo".
  6. IMO Avila is one concussion away from being a former major leaguer. Trade him NOW and never look back.
  7. I can see Victor getting $75 mil for 4 years. Maybe not from the Tigers, but i think somebody will dish it out.
  8. I agree with all of this except a couple of words -- remove "a result of" and replace with "DESPITE" .
  9. I'm just wondering if bringing in Tram is a precursor to Al Avila leaving the team because the Tigers not offering Alex a contract? Maybe Tram is the GM in waiting and Avila is expected to sign elsewhere as a GM?
  10. Seems like a no-brainer to me, considering the state of the bullpen.
  11. You can buy cheapo ones on ebay from China for next to nothing. Red Color Children's Educational Telescopes Binoculars One Pcs Cheap New CA 3 WF | eBay
  12. I think Ausmus doesn't get the respect of the team. He's whiney, non-demonstrative and inexperienced. I think Victor and Miggy have more control over this team than Ausmus does. It would be a tough time for Gibby....as said before regarding Miggy. He doesn't fit Gibby's mold. However, with all these young guys something needs to change. Gibby would inspire these young dudes. Ausmus is a wimp, Wally's a wimp, most of the coaches are wimps except Dave Clark. This team could use some fire, some grit and some respect. I've never been a fan of Leyland but he DID get and maintain respect.
  13. Diamondbacks Fire Kirk Gibson, Alan Trammell – MLB Trade Rumors The Diamondbacks announced that they have fired manager Kirk Gibson and bench coach Alan Trammell. The team will immediately begin seeking a new manager, according to the press release. “Kirk has done an admirable job under difficult circumstances and we are grateful for his professionalism and his dedicated service to the organization over the past eight years,” said chief baseball officer Tony La Russa in a statement. “We feel like it is time for a fresh start and with our recent restructuring in Baseball Operations, we want to get started immediately moving in a new direction. We are also appreciative of Alan Trammell for all that he has done for the D-backs and have great respect for what both men have accomplished in the game of baseball.” Gibson took over as the D’Backs manager midway through the 2010 season and has since compiled a 353-375 win-loss record. His 2011 Diamondbacks won the NL West with a 94-68 record, but since that time Arizona has a pair of 81-81 finishes and is now set to pick first overall in next year’s draft, as the team is a virtual lock to finish with baseball’s worst record. Gibson has at times drawn ire from media outlets for his old-school tactics, including an incident this season in which it’s widely believed that Randall Delgado threw at NL MVP candidate Andrew McCutchen on purpose for “retaliation” against the Pirates, who had seemingly inadvertently hit Paul Goldschmidt the night before, sending him to the DL and ending his season.
  14. That was simply dreadful to watch. Nathan is not fooling anybody. I would've taken my chances with Soria or Coke....more likely Coke against two lefties. I guess it's going to be live or die with Nathan and that's not going to be pretty against good teams.
  15. I'm just wondering if the same people who have already thrown in the towel on the Tigers also have great hopes for the Lions......????
  16. Sun Studios IS an amazing place. Its the kind of place they gives me chills it's so cool. Graceland is worth going just to see it, but it's pretty disappointing. Beale Street is really partying and bikerish. Most of the bands on Beale Street and around there are NOT that good. However, there are a few that are superb. Seeking them out can be tricky. We ate at Charles Vergos Rendezvous this time. Although it's highly rated, I hated it. We were only there for a day this year, so I didn't get to sample much. We've been there in the past and had some good food. I'm a much bigger fan of Nashville.
  17. I was in Memphis just a few weeks ago. We stayed at a campground just outside of Memphis. One night on our way back (quite late), it was obvious I was going to run out of gas soon. Our campground was a state campground located in an obviously depressed area. So before I went home to our camper I decided I'd best find gas. After driving a couple of miles I found a BP station. When I pulled up I realized this was the ghetto of all ghettos. I mean, I live near Detroit. I drive thru ghettos all the time and sometimes they're quite awful. This was the worst of the worst. I got out to pump gas and locked the doors on my truck (my family was inside). I was in a super hurry. I put my credit card in the pump and realized it wasn't working. Things were not looking good. I was being watched closely. I just got back in my truck. I thought I was gonna die there. Memphis definitely has some nasty nasty areas. Luckily, there was another station about 2 miles from there that functioned. It was still in a pretty rough area, but not quite as bad as the one I had left.
  18. How does McCann stack up defensively against Avila?
  19. Then why aren't millions of people crowding their borders with a rabid desire to live there?
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