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  1. Please see the 3rd response to this original thread. It remains the same.
  2. He's a tough cookie. Prayers for him and his family. Kirk Gibson diagnosed with Parkinson's disease
  3. OMG, I did. Sorry again. I must've been having an Alzheimers day.
  4. I can't believe I misspelled Van Halen..... sorry
  5. Just one on my upper left arm. My wife is a black belt in karate - so it's her name in Japanese. If I were young, I'd get a bunch but I feel like I'm too old now for it to matter. I do like the Detroit "D"
  6. I thought the band sounded really good. Eddie was wonderful, of course. I'm not a fan of Wolfie on bass (and most people aren't).... the backing vocals were a bit lacking and seem to need Mark Anthony's touch. Alex was great as usual. Now to the problem..... WTF is wrong with David Lee Roth. I mean, he's always been a bit loopy. But THIS? This was completely ridiculous. He's like some kind of puppet. He's simply ridiculous. His visual was over the top silly. His vocals were almost unrecognizable. What a dreadful mess David Lee Roth is. He's making a wreck out of this band. I honestly thought I'd want to go see them when they come to town. After watching this show, there is no way I'd pay a nickel to view that hot mess of a singer. All I can say is - WOW - how sad.
  7. I just got back from FLA and saw McCann. He's the real deal. He's a sparkplug. He's got energy and the ball jumps off his bat. In contrast, I see Avila is slow, lumbering and non-energetic. If Holaday doesn't play in Detroit, I'm sure there is a team that could use him. He's better than a AAA Catcher.
  8. Bad: Iglesias on DL by June 1 and is out for the season Cespedes gets less than 300 abs due to injuries Good: Tyler Collins becomes a regular in the OF and does an admirable job Sanchez leads the team in victories with nearly 20 McCann becomes #1 catcher by June 1 Hernan steps up and becomes 1st string SS and hits nearly .300
  9. IMO Jack Morris is just about as boring as boring can get. He's dull and arrogant to boot.
  10. [quote Episode 2 tonight was more interesting than Episode 1, IMO. I agree.....at least we can now see where they are headed with some of this stuff.
  11. Here's my take: John Legend starting things off with America the Beautiful.......hey John, Ray Charles called - he wants his shtick back. Little did I know - this would be the best music I'd hear all night. Idina Menzell did the national anthem......amazing, she sung it on key. She OVERSUNG it on key...she twisted it, turned it and made a mess of it. Dreadful. Halftime - Katy Perry - WHAT WAS THAT? It was all show and no go....the music was dreadful. It certainly was interesting to watch. Katy Perry is a pretty girl, she had some nice outfits, and I loved those backup singers -- you know, the sharks etc....laughed my butt off. Next year for half-time they're getting two 11 year olds from the local elementary school to sing their version of some GAP commercials. Since they are now appealing to THAT focus group of people, it makes sense. Lenny Kravitz - he was ok, but he's a sellout for being involved in such a farce musically. Missy Elliot - is she related to Sam Elliot? Nice "WANG" hat Missy.....at least we know where your sexual preferences land. So this is what the NFL thinks dudes who like football want to see? End times on the horizon my friends......... this was dreadful.
  12. My wife and I would love to get together with you guys - for sure !!!!
  13. I'll be there March 2 thru 9th.... going to the games on March 4th (away) and March 8th. See you there !!! We are staying in Palmetto FL
  14. I think it's got more to do with money than anything else, and JV's salary is guaranteed. He sure aint pretty to look at.
  15. I'm thinking he has no intention of re-signing Scherzer and that Simon is the starter to take his place. That saves a buttload of money.
  16. I'm just pleased that Collins and Moya are still here. However, letting Suarez go doesn't make sense to me.
  17. Doesn't Simon have a rape charge against him or something like that? Think Evan Reed?
  18. I just heard it's Shane Greene + play to be named later for Cueto.
  19. So I'm supposing either Collins or Moya is going to the Reds.
  20. Possibly because the Tigers won't pay him the major bucks for mega-years and instead choose Moya next year.
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