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  1. I was just looking at some stats. The Big Wet Noodle (Simon) has 12 wins, which is one more than Scherzer. Who would've predicted that? AND, Simon had 15 wins last year. I think we would've all been pretty happy in the spring if we thought he would do the same this year, which he might.
  2. I believe that managers do two important things. They put players in a position to which they can succeed, and they drive/inspire a team to play hard and win. Sometimes that means getting out of the way. Sometimes it means making smart choices. Ausmus has made many more poor choices than good ones. I don't see Ausmus as an inspiration for players to play hard and win. A lot of that may have to do with his age and lack of managerial experience. Leyland hardly played pro baseball, but he received a ton of respect - same with Sparky. I was not the biggest fan of Leyland or Sparky, but they got out of the way and made mostly wise choices. I hope the Tigers brass is smart enough to get somebody that retains the respect of a team. I'm not sure who that may be.
  3. The Rondon Experiment has not ever been a successful one. Time to move on.
  4. Yeah Gorzelanny.....still rhymes with Grand Salami
  5. I've driven lots of junk in my days....but this was the worst of the worst. Renault LeCar !!
  6. Iggy is not the sharpest tool in the shed. McCann would whoop that little boy's behind. Thankfully, McCann kept his cool.
  7. I find it hard to believe that Mr. I would FIRE DD. I have to believe this was in the works for a while now and that DD requested his release. I think DD is an extremely admirable man with a good sense of business. He will be very difficult to replace.
  8. There's a cartoon about James Garfield?
  9. I've always liked Kirk Gibson. As a player he represented everything I love in a player. Heart, grit, determination and took the game seriously. Sure, he could be a jerk from time to time off the field. I do recall seeing him do some wonderful things for young fans. I've met him. My son played on the same team as his son. As a father, I saw him be extremely kind and patient with his son. It was quite amazing actually, because it was quite contrary to what you might think. I feel really sad for Gibson and his health issue. I hope he fights it tooth and nail and is as successful and successful can be. I'd actually love to see HIM as the next Tigers manager. That may not be possible. OK, this thread is about him as a broadcaster. True, he's a bit weak. But he's smart. He has baseball wisdom. Plus, he has the insight of managing. He needs to learn how to pronounce two words that majorly bug me. 1. Stolen is not pronounced STOLDEN 2. Alex Avila is not pronounced Avillea OK, rant over.
  10. I wonder how John Smolz was rated when the Tigers traded him away. I also wonder how highly they thought of Fidrych when he became a ML starter.
  11. FYI - I'm hearing some rumblings about Rajai.....he may have been traded and it hasn't been announced. Not sure.
  12. Dang, I thought McCutchen was coming our way.
  13. I hope they sell, but I doubt they fire Ausmus until after the season. PUIG? Pass. Cancer. Keep him.
  14. Here's my list of untouchable Tigers... 1. Miguel Cabrera 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Yep, he's the only one. That being said, it doesn't mean I wouldn't want a lot for some of the others. But they wouldn't be untouchable.
  15. I'd give it 10 more games....if there isn't some significant positivity happening - SELL. I mean trade Price, Cespedes, Avila, Soria, Davis, Simon and get what you can. Avila and Simon have very little worth. Unfortunately, I feel that the Tigers will be using Holladay in any trades they make, leaving us stuck with Avila (who in the National League would bat 9th behind the pitcher). Price is the big chip, Cespedes could certainly fetch something of value as could Soria. Clean house, why not? The Tigers chemistry never came together this year. Whether it's due to all the injuries or whatever reason - it just didn't. Holding onto valuable trade chips hoping a miracle occurs IMO is just poppycock. Of course, Mr. I is the one pulling the chain. DD merely has to fulfill Mr. I's wishes. My gut tells me Mr. I will not l back down and he'll go for the big enchilada. Hey, it's his money, his team. We shall see.
  16. Say hey, baseball: MLB cancels over 60 million All-Star votes - SBNation.com
  17. I think Castellanos needs a hitting coach. I recommend that when the Tigers are in Detroit, that somehow he get a visit from Leon Durham. Maybe one time during each home series. I think Bull could help straighten the kid out. Obviously, Wally isn't having much of an impact.
  18. You should try Tom McCoy of Complete Plumbing -- he's in Fraser. His number is 586- 344-3756. He's fast, good and very reasonable !!! Everybody I know raves about him.
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