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  1. I keep hearing how the TEAM respects Brad and how smart Brad is......this may be true, but he's not winning anything, hasn't won anything and I feel it's time for him to go.   If the team is going to make wholesale changes, Brad must be included in that.

    I'd rather not have Gardenhire.  I see him as an older version of Brad.   


  2. I don't know if this has been mentioned here or not, but I went to the game last night and got a HUGE wonderful surprise. We sat down the 3rd base line and one of our hot dog vendors was old school. He had the metal container where the hot dogs were boiled etc....pulled out the bun, put the dog on it and put the mustard on himself. The hot dog was PLUMP and JUICY and tasty. This was very similar to the way Tiger Stadium used to do it. Unlike the plastic bag-type containers where the hot dogs distributed are in a BAG and are just gross, which has been the method since moving to Comerica Park. Has ANYBODY noticed this? How many of these vendors are there? Where are they located in the stadium? I only saw one.

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  3. Lloyd is managing Toledo?  Well, they're in last place right now.  Things are in a sad state.   What about Dave Clark?  At least he has some energy and zip in his step.

    These other guys walk around and interview like they're on Valium.  I can't even imagine how mad Illitch is right now.  

  4. Pelfrey Sucks. Might as well of just given the job to Boyd until Fulmer is ready and used that $8million on Oday/Sipp/Clippard.

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Not to mention, how many right handers are in the rotation now?

  5. I was fortunate enough to meet Roger and his wonderful wife Robie several years back when I went to Spring Training. I just waned to post a nice little villanelle that he sent me shortly thereafter of which I was honored to receive. I have numerous private messages from him that always touched me to my soul. He was a strong, tough, smart, witty, and wise gentle man who will be truly missed by everybody who knew him. God Bless Roger. RIP to one of the great ones !!!

    Nigh on 6 years now I have known him and never heard him play.

    For our lives entwined in print and reality never came to stay.

    So when the man in black stepped casually onto the concrete plain

    I watched as he approached, like he knew us, I troubled to explain.

    Extending a hand in friendship the simple words “I’m Billee”

    Continued my ponder until he added “Eastside Billee”.

    Years condensed to moments as we clambered for our words

    And tried to say so much in such fleeting moments as we moved on towards

    Our seats for the game and wondered if we would talk again.

    By phone we chatted and planned to dine together and when

    We did it was amazing, like lifelong friends of old, sharing philosophies and strife.

    Politics and wanderlust from our youth; the guidance from our life.

    We stayed far too long and I wish it had been days more

    For we had so much to say and so little time to explore

    What we had done and where would we be If we only had the freedom

    To always find our friends when we really wish to see them.

    And suddenly the Moon and Planets overwhelmed the clouded sky and we tarried

    outside; afraid to say goodbye. But no, we will see each other on Monday.

    At another game, the last for the four of us this season.

    And we will part closer friends for all the right reasons.

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