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  1. Hey Vegas, Do me a favor - check out my band's new website and especially our new demo and tell me what you think.....I'd appreciate your personal opinion of how the songs come across!!!! [email protected]

  2. I notice that you are a Beatles fan. You can check out my "Beatles" band at:


    It's kind of outdated cuz we've added a keyboard player and a bunch of new material - but you'll get the idea. My stage name is Saul Poe. lol

  3. Hey Vegas Tiger, what time does your band play on Tuesday?

  4. So DUDE! You scored big in the death pool today.

  5. Welcome aboard facebook pal!!!


  6. I just wanted to say I really liked the posts you wrote about teaching high school kids the bible. Nice!!! We need more like you.

  7. billee's new band:


  8. Hey Bud,

    Got another name for your death pool -- it's a good'n -- young....

    I'm predicting suicide by drug overdose --

    Heidi Fleiss -- she's really messed up dude. She's 42 and looks like she's 62!!!!

  9. Hey pal,

    I came up with another good name for you for the 2010 death pool --- Doug Fieger - guitarist for The Knack and brother of Geoff.

  10. Hey Buddy, thanks a lot! Susan Atkins entered the pearly gates last night, making me the death pool leader! It's nice have the Grim Reaper as your friend. I shouldn't be happy about somebody's death though - it just isn't right my friend.

    But the people on this here board are gonna wonder.

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