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  1. I keep hearing how the TEAM respects Brad and how smart Brad is......this may be true, but he's not winning anything, hasn't won anything and I feel it's time for him to go. If the team is going to make wholesale changes, Brad must be included in that. I'd rather not have Gardenhire. I see him as an older version of Brad.
  2. I don't know if this has been mentioned here or not, but I went to the game last night and got a HUGE wonderful surprise. We sat down the 3rd base line and one of our hot dog vendors was old school. He had the metal container where the hot dogs were boiled etc....pulled out the bun, put the dog on it and put the mustard on himself. The hot dog was PLUMP and JUICY and tasty. This was very similar to the way Tiger Stadium used to do it. Unlike the plastic bag-type containers where the hot dogs distributed are in a BAG and are just gross, which has been the method since moving to Comerica Park. Has ANYBODY noticed this? How many of these vendors are there? Where are they located in the stadium? I only saw one.
  3. Lloyd is managing Toledo? Well, they're in last place right now. Things are in a sad state. What about Dave Clark? At least he has some energy and zip in his step. These other guys walk around and interview like they're on Valium. I can't even imagine how mad Illitch is right now.
  4. Yeah, I've been watching it. I watch TONS of TV though. I think it's a bit inane, but it's ok I guess. It's really not a good show. I find the premise a bit funny and interesting.
  5. So if the Tigers release him....would that be considered Eaves dropping?
  6. Nice signing. Now if we get Cespedes.......
  7. Man, I like this idea so much. Roger would be humbled and proud. I'm headed down there in March and have plans to meet up with Mrs. Taxi. She's a wonderful woman who is still suffering the loss of this wonderful man. My heart aches for her.
  8. I guess we can look at it like -- Feliz - sucks - gone, Al Al - sucks - gone, traded them for Pelfrey for about the same salary it would've cost for the other two.
  9. That's exactly what I was thinking. Not to mention, how many right handers are in the rotation now?
  10. Tigers To Sign Mike Pelfrey - MLB Trade Rumors There's your 5th starter.
  11. aww, they'd get over it in a few years....Florida did.
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