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    With everyone fully vaccinated, I hugged my parents and sisters for the first time in over a year. It was awesome.
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    Every team in their own division recently went through re-builds without being epically bad for five years and now they are all way better than the Tigers.
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    As long as Al Avila is the GM Comerica will never be at capacity.
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    this may be true, but that doesn't mean that the people that used them wouldn't have voted some other way if they weren't there. I hate voter suppression efforts with the fury of 1000 suns but at some point people are going to have to protect the democracy for themselves. The people of Georgia are going get the the government they make the effort for. They have find a way to vote in the next election anyway and throw this legislature out. What's the old saying - "No one said freedom was free?"
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    Easy to say for someone who has blocked three-fourths of the entire board. For some rational reason, I suppose? 😏
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    Sorry man, my wife is an ICU nurse who worked 12 last night and goes back for 12 more today, The kids and I were making her brunch/lunch and the time got away from me. Thanks for picking up the slack!
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    Also, he's trying to "move on" from an insurrection of the US Capitol. Spurred on by the defacto leader of the party (ie. Kevin's boss) who, on many occasions since that day, has not "moved on" and has continued to to lie about how the election was stolen and about the events of that day. And whose base has pushed for myriad election laws in the states based on the events that McCarthy wants to "move on" from. Again, anyone with a cerebral cortex probably gets what McCarthy is doing. That doesn't mean that the rest of us are going to live in his fantasy world where the insurrection never happened and no one is questioning the legitimacy of the results.
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    It is sad how certain people try to twist what you say to start an argument.....
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    Al Avila will be employed as long as Chris Ilitch is alive, and then when Chris goes, Al will be buried alive in the crypt with him.
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    They just need to make Fulmer the closer already....
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    Would that make Florida a sanctuary state?
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    Come on AJ, give Fulmer the 9th and end this game...dont screw around with Soto, smh.
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    Such a wild coincidence that a guy named Kaline would grow up in Baltimore , then move to Detroit and became a star at a stadium located on a street named Kaline Dr. What are the odds.
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    I'm on board with using Fulmer in high leverage innings, wherever that happens to fall.
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    From his bio—this is how he did it: Roush wielded a short, thick-handled bat that weighed 48 ounces, one of the heaviest ever in baseball. He snapped the bat at the ball with his arms and placed line drives to all parts of the field by shifting his feet after the ball left the pitchers hand and altering the timing of his swing. “Place hitting is in a sense glorified bunting,” he said. “I only take a half swing at the ball, and the weight of the bat rather than my swing is what drives it.”
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    not to mention it improves the odds of finding a guy to give up another bunch of runs.....
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    Matt Gaetz no longer needs to wear the gas mask on his dates.
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    We are having our first dinner party this weekend. Just two other couples. I bet after about 30 minutes of people in my house I'm going to be wishing for another lockdown.
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    I agree. It's best to just suck for five years, have no entertaining players and lose all your fans.
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    Im sure the conservatives will appreciate things becoming more liberal.
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    Just stopped by to drop a little reading off for my pals here. I now expect a raft of articles talking about how this is just "weather" as opposed to hot weather which of course is a sign of the coming end of the world as we know it.....and if that fails then we can expect articles educating us on the "science" of how global warming is actually causing this cooling. Enjoy my friend and be well. ENGLAND IS ON FOR ITS COLDEST MAY SINCE RECORD-KEEPING BEGAN BACK IN 1659 (DURING THE MAUNDER MINIMUM)
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    I always wear my seat belt, but I haven't been in any serious accident lately, so it probably isn't necessary.
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    I long ago came to the conclusion that there is a very large proportion of the population that is unable to think beyond themselves. Not just unwilling but unable.
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    Just got my first shot of the vaccine. My dad and sister got it but most friends of mine dont want it and dont trust it. I was unsure myself mostly out of whether it was even necessary I've gone this long without getting covid. I was able to get it at the rite aid a half mile from my home. It was the moderna one. Only side effects are sore arm.
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    I'll put my own political spin on this argument: Ewsieg... you raise a few points every now and then that are criticisms or scrutiny of Democrats. You are usually not wrong in your criticisms, or at worst, engaging in light whataboutism. Not overwhelming or nasty w'ism (like Fox), just enough for it to be noticeable. But again, you often raise valid points. But here is where I am at: I will accept no criticism of Dems whatsoever. Why would I be that way, when I am an Independent, willing to listen to ALL valid viewpoints? Here's why: Because I believe the Republican Party as currently constructed is an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to MY DEMOCRACY. To MY AMERICA. To MY CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES. I have circled the wagons just as white trash fascist bigots have circled their wagons... only my wagons are circled around the Constitution of the United States, around DEMOCRACY. Almost nothing a Republican says will seep into my circled wagons. No criticism of Dems will be allowed within my circled wagons. And I will not apologize for that. You might not like he sound of that. It might annoy you when you are trying to raise valid points/ valid criticisms. But that's just the way it (I or ME) is... And I am going to guess you will meet some of this same resistance from others here who are of the same mind. It's not that Dems are immune to mistakes or criticism or corruption... they are not. But until Fascism in America is defeated... I don't want to hear it.
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    Do what? The Michigan GOP is certified nuts and the Democratic Governor is not. There’s not one Republican in the state legislature better than her as an alternative so I don’t really care who she visited or why. She’s not the one giving credibility to a former stripper/escort about election fraud and Guiliani and Naomi Wolf. That’s the state GOP.
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    clearly she needs to be placed on a boat in Lake Michigan and drowned. Did she invite people to testify in the legislature about anti vax and nazi conspiracies? Because that's the alternative in MI to Gretchen Whitmer. Someone who went to see her dad and people who equate vaccines to nazi stuff.
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    My hope is Jared Goff is good. I can't believe so many people are so quick to give up on a 26 year old former #1 pick who's been to a couple pro bowls and was a borderline MVP candidate. Just go back to 2018 and Matthew Stafford has an 89 QB rating and Jared Goff has a 101 rating and is playing in the Super Bowl. 3 years later and the Rams just get rid of Goff and Stafford is worth two 1st round picks.
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    exactly. any half assed mask mandate for restaurants is for show.
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    Is this a Dan Petry burner account? 😄
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    Got to start somewhere. The GOP is not part of the Constitution. Figure it out. Stand up for what is right. Reject racism. Reject nativism. Rule of law, free trade, and collective security. And Putin dēlenda est.
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    My mom is really fairly internet savvy esp. given her age. But she has had issues with state and local government websites. Most things she likes to do in person so that she can ask questions. Now that she is two weeks out from her second shot, she's raising sand at all kinds of government offices. Wish I'd gone with her to TAD to protest her latest property tax valuation on her house. Sounds like it was really classic! LOL Mom may look like a frail elderly lady but she is smart and refuses to be BS'd.
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    i dont think we will have a choice if we want to send them back to school. the teachers union is not likely to let kids back unless theyre fully vaccinated. but we'll see.
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    Sometimes, it does take this long, but it does not have to. I don't even think re-building should be an on/off process. Ideally, it's happening continually where a team consistently produces talent. Every team is going to have bad years, but they should not have to stop playing for five plus years to get good again.
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    That is the terrifying thing for every hitter in baseball - that fact that no-one ever really knows beforehand whether any change a hitter makes might make him better, or has the potential to destroy his ability to hit at all. How long can you stay with some coaching request that doesn't work right out of the chute? Might it work eventually? Or will keeping on just mess up the muscle memory you need to at least get back to where you were? Hitting may be the least 'coachable' skill in all of professional sports. Then again, you see stuff on the other side you just can't figure. You throw a pitch lower third and just off the plate inside to Niko as a left hander, he WILL swing and miss it. It's automatic. You would think he would set up a tee at that spot and just work on his swing until he could put the bat there to at least foul that pitch off. You have to think he has tried. Whatever he as done hasn't worked. (though even in this example which I think is pretty ironclad exampe of futility, I will note he seemed to me to be backing away from the plate a bit when down 2 strikes in the last game and it yielded him a hit)
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    Or for that matter It look like this could be past by 4. Twins only need to get to Chicago by Tuesday and the Tigers aren't going anywhere. MLB re-scheduling is just moronic.
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    That terrible job numbers print on Friday has everyone excited. They now think rates wont be raised and are even whispering about new stimulus. What a country.
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    Morris blamed Hale. Says he called him back. Video seems to support him.
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    Jim is a little past his prime, but he's still better than Bally State TV.
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    That means they won't be pitching to Cabrera. Good strategy.
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    sekou at the same age was better in the g league than kuminga has been. just some perspective. honestly, i have no idea. but it seems like there are four players who have distanced themselves from everyone else: cunningham, mobley, suggs, and green. that seems to be the top tier. that said, its really early. no one saw patrick williams coming last year until the late stages of the process so the same could be true this year. i just dont want them to end up with scottie barnes. this is their best chance to get a potential generational player and i dont want to see them blow it and end up with another nice role player. i like weaver's ability to find guys in the draft, but lets not make it difficult for him. lets let him find the best guy in the entire draft and not the best of the rest of the guys in the draft.
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    And when he was 20 years old on the 2003 Marlins, he was woefully underpaid. He will get all of the money and not one cent less. It's up to ownership to determine when they want to really sink the cost.

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