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    With everyone fully vaccinated, I hugged my parents and sisters for the first time in over a year. It was awesome.
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    A couple shots from my phone at Colonial Williamsburg Palace Gardens. Special event called CW Lights
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    you guys are missing the most obvious thing to do, just get rid of ohio. bam. in one fell swoop youve increased the intelligence of the country five fold.
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    Every team in their own division recently went through re-builds without being epically bad for five years and now they are all way better than the Tigers.
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    1) houston had shut down perez for the season with lat soreness prior to the trade with detroit. avila traded for him anyway. hindsight is always 20/20 but it wasnt like houston was hiding anything. 2) verlander was still under contract for two more years when detroit traded him. he wasnt walking for a comp pick for a while and al still would have had ample opportunity to trade him again and for him to continue to rebuild his value. avila traded him when he traded him because he liked the package he got in return. same with jd martinez. as you pointed out before, he traded martinez with two full weeks left until the trade deadline. why not wait? because he liked the package arizona offered. exhibits a and b as to why the rebuild has gone slower than others and why avila is not good at his job.
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    She was in Florida for two days. Which is roughly the equivalent of going in your neighborhood for 20 minutes. Took a lot of courage to post on an obscure local sports message board under a pseudonym about your family's situation. Pretty much similar to someone who has faced constant death threats and and actual kidnapping and murder plot against her. The reality is, had she told the truth, she'd have gotten the same vitriol. She made mention of her father's privacy. Perhaps he was having an issue he didn't want the world to know about. Anyone that has had to deal with an elderly relative can relate. Vaccines are free and available to those who want them. The GOP has proven time and again their only platform is to pwn the libs. They have nothing else. Not sure how you lead people like that.
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    I wouldn't mind another 100 loss season if they either had young players developing or a few competent major leaguers in the lineup who would be on the team in 2-3 years when hopefully the team is decent. Instead, they are trotting out these 4A types like Jones, Greiner, Goodrum, Castro etc. Maybe one of these guys ends up being a fringe utility type. But you can't pencil any of them into a 2023 lineup. You're charging major league prices for fans to watch an awful product. Because you've chosen not to invest in the major league club. And there are no answers in the high minors because the current gm screwed up his first 2-3 drafts. It's a cycle that keeps repeating itself until the owner actually takes 'ownership' of his franchise and shows the public that he's fully invested in making this a good team.
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    She made a brief visit with an elderly relative due to extenuating circumstances, and so did you. What's the difference? Not sure why you are putting it on Gov. Whitmer to reach the dumbass traitors who tried to murder her. Why not put it on the GOP leadership to get their constituents vaccinated? Where is Mike Shirkey or Jason Wentworth or John James? Oh, right, there doing important things like supporting an insurrection, trying to steal an election and stripping citizens of their voting rights. But sure, let's blame it on Whitmer.
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    Second COVID shot is in the books! (And in the arms!) The oven is on and we’ll be fully cooked on May 8! Can hardly wait!
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    Comerica Park - Detroit, MI Weather: Forecast Starting Pitchers: RHP Jose Urena vs RHP Mitch Keller
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    I am so thoroughly disgusted with Al Avila. Tired of excuses. he's been part of the development department of this team for what, 19 years and THIS is the team that he's come up with?
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    All we need is a nine inning shut out so we can start with someone on second in the tenth.
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    they're checking first to make sure the vaccines were cage-free.
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    For people like me the all or nothing comes from the fact that the GOP has fundamentally become a party opposed to the democratic process. You can't compromise with that, you have to oppose it on every front. I don't care if they have a good idea here or there as long as they are trying to keep office by stopping people who oppose them from voting. No quarter anywhere for as long as that is where the GOP is coming from. And the MI GOP is on that bandwagon full on.
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    6-0. My work is done here. You’re welcome.
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    My all-time favorite bad pronunciation from Jim Price. It was different every time.
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    Who reaches 500 hr first, Miggy or Baddoo?
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    As long as Al Avila is the GM Comerica will never be at capacity.
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    this may be true, but that doesn't mean that the people that used them wouldn't have voted some other way if they weren't there. I hate voter suppression efforts with the fury of 1000 suns but at some point people are going to have to protect the democracy for themselves. The people of Georgia are going get the the government they make the effort for. They have find a way to vote in the next election anyway and throw this legislature out. What's the old saying - "No one said freedom was free?"
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    Sorry man, my wife is an ICU nurse who worked 12 last night and goes back for 12 more today, The kids and I were making her brunch/lunch and the time got away from me. Thanks for picking up the slack!
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    You'd think Antifa would have sent out the shorter Biden body doubles for this photo shoot to make the conspiracy less obvious.
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    Come, just come on. Fire him now. Just fire him. Enough already. What a disgrace. Throwing darts at a spinning wheel of names could have gotten you better players. Just end this.
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    The Tigers are cursed. With stupidity.
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    Romney is getting one too for his impeachment vote.
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    And this is a DC I made a few years later.
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    Hi, those kits look fun. I think Corky built a few guitars (basses?) way back when he started this thread, but I will need to read through it and jog my memory. I have built a few (not kits) and should throw some photos on here. And maybe one of my Greco for Biff. Cheers
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    Every player should be available on a non-contender. The only question is whether the return is worth it. Keep him if it’s not, trade him if it is.
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    The current White Sox have three starters they acquired through the US draft: Madrigal, Anderson, and Rodon, who, finally, at age 28 may being breaking through. Vaughn could be in this discussion soon. Every other major contributor on the Sox was acquired via trade, free agency, or the international market. As has been mentioned numerous times on this site, a franchise cannot expect to contend relying heavily on talent acquired through the US draft. You must also win trades, be active in the international markets, and make smart free agent acquisitions. The White Sox have done all that. The Sox would be flailing about in the same waters as the Tigers if they hadn't won big on a handful of trades, scored major hits on the international markets, and made a couple of shrewd free agent signings. After 5 years I have seen no evidence that Avila is capable of winning big on trades. He had a chance to turbocharge the rebuild when he dealt two superstars (imagine if Avila had added Jiminez, Moncado, and Giolito in those trades instead of Lugo, et al). In his defense, he has at least ramped up the Tigers activity in the international markets. De la Cruz, Reyes, Campos, and Santana are all intriguing, and if there had been a minor league season last year there may be a bit more optimism about the future (or more pessimism). Anyway, further proof that looking at a franchise's prospect list and projecting that half or more or them will be part of your next contending team is pure folly.
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    You know who hasn’t been raided by the FBI? hillary hunter
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    For you guys wondering about the errors. On May 6, 1903 The Tigers played the White Sox. 18 total errors in teh game. 12 by the White Sox. They won 10-9 https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/white-sox/ct-spt-white-sox-12-error-game-1903-20190506-story.html
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    Yes. With all due respect to KL2, winning a ring or two, or even three over 30 years, and intentionally sucking the rest of the time to get high draftees is simply the worst objective and the most ineffective strategy I can think of, especially since your chances of winning in the years you make the playoffs is fairly small. If you want to maximize championships you should maximize the number of playoff appearances. As for me I'm perfectly happy winning a championship whenever they win a championship every 15 years or every 30 yrs or every 40 yrs. I just want to see a good team most of the time.
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    AJ Hinch is probably wishing he got suspended for 2 years.
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    Police are not authority figures. We don’t have to answer to them or justify what we are doing. They are there to serve us. Not the other way around. Until I am bothering someone else it’s none of their business. Too many people have this misguided notion that the minute an officer is slightly inconvenienced or threatened then lethal force is justified and the victim should have just complied. That line of thinking is what’s also said to rape victims. As for the idea that there’s legal avenues to address grievances... that’s bull****. Without the video from the 17 year old girl in MN this would have been the “official” story of how George Floyd died. The system is stacked against the general public. Again... police state. We don’t live in one. There’s a fine line to enforcing laws and just going around harassing people. Citizens have a right to be assholes to cops. We have a constitution. They are not our bosses. The idea that they are always right because they have a gun is *** backwards.
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    plus he went to ohio state and therefore has the double problem of not only having epilepsy, but also not being able to spell it correctly. poor guy.
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    Breonna Taylor should have followed orders in her sleep.
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    No offense to Matt Shepherd, but he is a boring guy. Dan D makes these things fun and knows his stuff.
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    Hey @John_Brian_K! Can you please ask your wife’s friend who really did kill JFK and what’s really going on at Area 51. I’ve been wanting to know the real story for years.
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    maybe if he didn't kill him he could have asked him
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    I genuinely and truly do not believe the Michigan GOP is a good faith governing partner right now and they need not be consulted in matters of governance unless they demonstrate otherwise. For me, there's really no other way to say it. I actually think that applies to the national party as well.
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    The Tigers have completely take the air out of that place. It’s so quiet you could probably hear a trash can getting beaten.
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    I miss the open hostility of Mario and Rod

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