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  2. Hello? Hello? Is this thing working? Helloooo?
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  4. So, how much payroll do you think the boys will be comfortable adding? My figures show the ballclub is carrying just shy of $77 million in annual payroll, while the league average is $110 million(+/-) And, I don't believe that running our payroll up to league average puts us in the "drunken sailor" realm...So they got room to spend. Plus, don't forget that Miguel Cabrera's contract will be coming off the books in a couple more years, so the organization isn't exactly strapped over a rock..... My guess is that they will sign a couple $10 million/year journeymen and explain their lack of balls claiming that they are just being "smart". Claiming that they are "saving payroll headroom" so that they can one day afford to extend offers to Tork, Mize, and the other whiz kids is an excuse that I expect them to use.
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  6. Lions lose in classic fashion. Lol! 

  7. Ready for October Outstanding!

  8. Thanks, I'll take a shot!

  9. Admin.. do you know how we fix this?

  10. MWG, do you know how w fix this? Or do we ask the Administrator?

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      I do not know how to fix this issue. I would contact the owner/admin through the Contact Us links on the MB or website. 


    2. 84 Lives!!!

      84 Lives!!!

      Thanks, I'll take a shot...!

  11. USA Today: Norm Macdonald passes away at age of 61 RIP Norm MacDonald. RIP to so many iconic SNL characters, Bob Dole, Burt Reynolds, Larry King, **** Ferguson. What a loss, I loved Norm MacDonald.
  12. Tough schedule ahead but ill take the over on that, 8-10 feels doable
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/13/us/politics/pentagon-drone-strike-kabul.html Incredibly sad story.
  14. Any outdoor game not at Rucker Park is dumb.
  15. Just re-reading my clarification and that's not clear either. In short, I do think Fauci is doing what he believes is best for the health of this country and to gain knowledge on diseases. But, with the Wuhan lab being a possible and legitimate cause of this pandemic, Fauci's history in gain of function should be known. The below article is long, worth a read though. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/interactive/2021/a-science-in-the-shadows/
  16. My power hasn't been out in years and I don't live in California.
  17. Evidently not. Your power has been out since mine was last.
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