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  2. Do you worry he’ll go in as a Marlin like you worried about Verlander going in as an Astro?
  3. We laugh about it, but it's just realistic. This is a 70-75 win ball club. Same as it was after they knocked Folty around. But even so, it seems like better days are ahead. Take heart in that.
  4. I don't care what guys like Jack Morris say about pitchers pitching deeper, in today's game the managers with the fastest hooks and the GMs that provide the deepest BPs are going to win the most.
  5. 6-0 and then loss. Feels like the roadie to Minnesota before the ASB.
  6. They are who they are. Just glad the arrow is pointing up these days
  7. Dan freaked in the moment. It was close, but yeah, Jeimer just barely crossed that line.
  8. close. the 2-1 pitch was the ball game if he had been able to keep it fair.
  9. They made it interesting. It was not like being poked in the eye with a sharp stick. Actually it was a lot better than that.
  10. Was it really a terrible call? I’m only listening right now
  11. Aw man, third strike appeal to end the game. That was damn close. I’ll tell you what, though—it always sucks when they lose, but damn, is this team ever entertaining.
  12. Cabrera did fail to fail there. Actually been a decent night for Miguel. At least the AB were productve.
  13. Now we have two men on with Jeimer up. Reyes running for Miggy.
  14. Turns out I knew better and Holland didn’t have any idea where the ball is going after all.
  15. Perez, pulling that ball in...so much the wizard back there.
  16. Grossman just walked on a pitch 6 inches less outside than the one he was rung up on earlier. I can't wait for electronic K zones.
  17. Tying runner at 1st and Miggy is go ahead at plate. Hard to imagine Miggy has it in him to be the hero.
  18. If i didn’t know better, I’d conclude that Holland pitched around Grossman to get to a less-dangerous Miggy.
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