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  2. Drummond could sink them in the gym like that too... ....just sayin'.
  3. That's funny, because they hardly have anybody that I want to see!
  4. I would have to be as day drunk as i was when I watched Pink Floyd's The Wall to enjoy that in a full showing.
  5. I know it was because of Covid, but I wish the G-League season had been 30-40 games this year. Supposedly Kuminga rebuilt his jump shot before joining the Ignite team. Obviously it didn't produce results since he only shot like 25% from three. But you need more than 12 games to get comfortable with a new form. It would have been nice to see his new shot for an entire season. Anyway, here he is recently working out. I think his form looks good.
  6. I drove out about an hour to the north today. We live in an area that's not overly populated in the most part, and we have all these old churches stuck in the middle of nowhere - remnants of medieval England before the Black Death wiped out a third of the population and then industrialisation and rural isolation had everyone else move. These are at Haveringland - somewhere I'd never been before (Google map; or an OS map). I only had my phone with me, so the quality could be better and the light was meh, but anyway. The round tower is 11th century with Roman roof tiles embedded in it apparently. It's stuck at the end of a taxiway from a WW2 airfield. There's lots of both of these round here.
  7. I'm paying about 1/4 of what I was with Spectrum. Kept their internet & just use Prime, Hulu & Pluto TV. The one thing I will say about Spectrum is they've been good to return to. I have to drive like 30 minutes, but I've never gotten any crap from them.
  8. 55 plate appearances over three season is, as you noted, a small sample size. From 2017-2019 (the last three full minor league seasons), covering his age 24-26 years split between AA and AAA, Hasse hit 74 HRs. Granted, he was a bit old for those leagues, but he also posted a walk-rate close to 10%. He's definitely worth an extended look. Heck, I doubt there is a Tiger prospect at any level with even 50 HRs over that time period.
  9. Matt Patricia alienated a pro-bowl cb like Slay, who ended up getting out. I can't imagine how a rookie like Okudah could be expected to thrive in that kind of environment. I think we're going to see a much better defense, just based solely on the leadership & direction of the coaching staff.
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  11. We've lost the dry comic genius of Charles Grodin today at 86. One of my favorite movies of all time is Midnight Run and it's got Robert DeNiro and a hysterically funny Dennis Farina, but Charles Grodin steals every scene without raising his voice. R.I.P. Charles R.
  12. Borrowed from the comments section in the Twitter tread
  13. Yeah once I posted that picture it was pretty blurry so changed it.
  14. It would have been a better plan had they had top hitting and pitching prospects matriculate together across several seasons, bolstered by solid free agent acquisitions, competent trades that at least break even if not win, and cutting-edge development personnel who can get solid contributions from down-round selections. Then again, getting all that in place would require demonstrable front office competence. Can't have it all, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. yeah - clearly that has been the plan and if Torkelson, Greene and Dingler make decent pros I guess you could say the plan will have successfully pivoted to better balance. Which goes back the same story with Avila - pieces of 'the plan' look OK in isolation, but they still have not added up to a good enough ballclub fast enough.
  16. Beyond the rudeness and offensiveness in it, he's also hurting his client. You can make those claims in an appropriate way that actually might work. "My client is mentally challenged and has competency issues that makes him vulnerable" not "My client is ******* retard"
  17. I can't believe this is a response from an attorney. This isn't satire? I honestly thought the tweeter was being hyperbolic and then I read the actual quote.
  18. Tigers have more guys they want to see than they have spots. It looks like the IF we should play is Candelario, Goodrum, Schoop (though I'm not a big of Niko either, but be that as it may), but that means you send W Castro back to Toledo. To do what? I think at this point you'd want him to learn 2b, but Clemens is there getting what is probably his last shot. At SS? Peterson and Short are both insurance policy types so they could stand to let one go, but that doesn't help Willi learn 2b. Situation with catchers and OF are just as bad.
  19. This is just voted on by coaches and is not the official award. Williams did a fine job but I would have given it to Thibs.
  20. I'd be fine with this defense only *IF* you extend the logic all the way to charging Fox/Murdoch et al with solicitation of a felony.
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