Detroit Pistons: Blake Griffin remains marketable despite small market

July 13th, 2020 in Pistons By Bob Heyrman

Detroit Pistons star forward Blake Griffin remains marketable although he’s not playing in a large market such as Los Angeles or New York.

Many big named NBA free agents seem to dash either to the West coast to join one of the Los Angeles organizations or East to New York with being marketable on their mind.  If pairing up with their friends doesn’t become an option due to salary cap restrictions, it seems players elect for a warmer climate like Miami, Oklahoma City, or Houston as a consolation prize.  The Detroit Pistons continue to be the middle of the road-type franchise, and like when the team added Blake Griffin, they are forced to land their super star-caliber players via trade, not through free agency.

It snows in Detroit, enough said.

Putting your fandom aside, and as much as I love the city of Detroit, I admit if I had an opportunity to work in say Miami or Los Angeles for the same amount of money as Detroit. I think I am taking the opportunity to walk out of my back door onto Miami beach over bundling up in sub-zero temps, waiting for my vehicle to efforts just to obtain a morning coffee.

Of course, it snows in New York, but New York has plenty of big-time financial opportunities the smaller cities lack.

It seems being marketable in the NBA becomes more important than winning in general to a lot of players. It is securing a variety of enormous, lucrative sponsorship deals that generally pay a player more than the salary they sign with an organization.  Los Angeles and New York are the Cadillac of marketing, leaving players to scurry to these cities looking for their off of the court opportunities that include commercials, movies, and so on.

That being said, Detroit Pistons star, Blake Griffin remains very marketable in Detroit.

Griffin has enjoyed plenty of commercial opportunities; he’s tried his hand at comedy and has become a regular on the Comedy Central network, including their famous ‘Comedy Central Roasts’ episodes.  It proves when you are a star, they will find you, but his time with the Los Angeles Clippers during the prime of his playing career didn’t hurt his brand either.

Griffin continues to cash in, and he’s set to represent Stella Artois as a part of their summer campaign in a new commercial airing soon.

The Detroit Pistons have already seen the best of their star forward last season as he single-handedly willed the Pistons to a playoff appearance as the eighth seed.  Griffin averaged a career-high 24.5 points per game to go along with 7.5 boards and 5.4 assists.  Since pulling a boat anchor or a roster to the playoffs, he’s been hampered with injuries that limited him to just 18 games this past season.  Griffin was forced to shut his season down and undergo another knee surgery, but the hope is he will return refreshed, and completely healthy next season.

As Detroit enters a lengthy rebuild, the likes of Griffin and Derrick Rose remain vital, mentoring the young up and coming prospects, understanding they won’t be around when the Pistons are set to compete for a playoff run once again.

The 31-year old Griffin has two years left on his current deal that will pay him nearly $37 million and $39 million respectively over the next two seasons.