Detroit Lions: Matt Prater hopes to hydrate Motown with Bud Light

July 25th, 2020 in Lions By Bob Heyrman

Many will suggest the only suitable Bud Light is a free one.  In a new contest driven by the beer company, if Detroit Lions kicker Matt Prater out kicks Brandon McManus this season, everyone in the city receives a free beer.

Entering the season, Bud Light offered everyone in Denver a free beer if Brandon McManus broke the record converting on the longest field goal of all-time.  The funny thing is, the record holder happens to be current Detroit Lions kicker, Matt Prater, who is also a former Bronco.

Prater saw the contest online and tweeted Bud Light asking what they’d give Detroit when he breaks his own record.  The response; perfect.  Bud Light decided it would be a head-to-head contest now awarding the city with a free beer for whoever kicks the longer field goal this season.

When you think about it, McManus has a considerable advantage playing eight of his games in the elevated Denver air where the ball absolutely flies.  The altitude is practically kicking on steroids.  If you happened to follow baseball, you know the ball flies out of Coors Field, usually allowing hitters to post crooked power numbers.

Aside from kicking in football, it aids deep ‘go-routes,’ allowing quarterbacks a few yards deeper per throw.  The speedy receivers who can get away from coverage have an opportunity to make plays deep down the field. Still, other than that, we mostly see NFL players sitting on the sidelines, sucking oxygen after they leave the football field as it’s challenging to breathe, primarily if you are not used to the Colorado air.

Although McManus has the altitude advantage, Matt Prater has that cannon of a leg to his advantage.  Prater’s leg is a weapon for the Detroit Lions.  He can kick the snot out of the football, actually out-kicking McManus last season.

Matt Prater converted on a 56-yard field goal last season; he also went a stellar 7 of 8 from beyond 50-yards last season.  McManus, on the other hand, went 4 for 7 beyond 50 yards, and his season-long was 54-yards.

There is a good chance the Bud Light trucks are en route to Detroit at some point next season, and although it won’t be many folks drink of choice, Detroit will have no problem hammering down a free Bud Light as an appetizer to one of the many craft beers the city has to offer. Let’s all cheer a little bit harder this season when Prater lines up one of those abstruse kicks he famously regularly nails.