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2020 NBA Draft

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30 minutes ago, Deleterious said:

Interesting to see Avdija at #2.  O'Conner has had very different mocks than other people.

The Ringer’s 2020 NBA Mock Draft 1.0


i like this mock!

but why would the bulls take james wiseman?  they have daniel gafford to play that role cheaply and they have carter and markannen to play pf/c types.  plus they are going to be devoid of wings real soon (some would say they already are since otto porter never plays anymore and denzel valentine is...well....denzel valentine).

the bulls are taking an athletic wing.  wiseman makes no sense.

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I don't agree with much O'Conner has in his mock.  Not sure how accurate he has been in the past.

I could see Wiseman dropping out of the top 5.  I think he made a big mistake not staying in school.  He needed to show he can shoot and defend on the perimeter to improve his draft stock IMO.

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Nobody credible has mentioned the Pistons are interested in trading the pick.

2020 NBA Mock Draft: How Trades Could Change LaMelo Ball's Future


Onyeka Okongwu jumps out as the best player available and a long-term cornerstone for the Detroit Pistons to build with at center. 

However, sources indicate the Pistons have also made it known they're open to trading the No. 7 pick. 

Their best shot at a deal may be with a team willing to give up an established player or a rookie or sophomore with untapped potential. But it would also be worthwhile to talk to the Warriors. It's possible they'd prefer picking a lower-paid rookie at No. 7, where they can add a piece who fits like Haliburton or Okongwu. The Pistons would likely have to part with a future first-round pick, given their lack of attractive player assets.

At No. 2, the Pistons would presumably target LaMelo Ball. At No. 7, Okongwu would give them rim protection behind Blake Griffin. It also seems like Griffin's game may continue to become more perimeter-oriented as he ages into his 30s. Meanwhile, Okongwu ranked in the 94th percentile as a post scorer and 90th percentile as a finisher. His skill and athleticism should continue to work around the key, where he has shot-creation moves, touch and overpowering athleticism. 


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