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Bill has been fervently and aggressively collecting Tiger memorabilia, especially photos, since 1957, 62 years ago, and has just decided to sell it.  But the collection is so large he cannot sell it to one collector.  In fact, I am sure this is the largest Tiger collection in America!  And now some of the collection will be available for purchase in West Michigan the first two weekends in November.

His house is like a Tiger museum, much much more than you will see at Comerica Park.   Trust me, I have been to my friend's home numerous times!

First, it contains over 25,000 photos, with an estimated 12,000 photos signed, of which nearly all are of our Detroit Tigers.  A number of these are "first generation", which means that the photo was printed from the original negative; he even has the negative in some instances!  Many are the original press photos with dates and other information on the back.  Actually, you may have seen some of these photos; Bill is the author of the five editions of the book, The Detroit Tigers, a pictorial history of our Tigers with about 500 photos in each edition.  He has  also written several other Tiger books, as well as countless articles of our favorite team.  These books are for sale on Amazon and other websites.

The photos in some instances even predate the Tigers' first season in 1901, such as the Detroit Wolverines, which won the National League pennant in 1887!   Looking for an ORIGINAL 1886 photo of  Detroit Wolverine  42 game winner Charles B. "Lady" Baldwin; Bill will have it at the show!  Most people don't know that Detroit had a 42 game winner, but he was not with the Tigers!

Second, Bill also has a huge inventory of signed Tiger baseball cards and index cards, signed baseballs (the older ones signed with a fountain pen), and other incredible Tiger memorabilia.

Here's a tiny sample of what he has for sale; these are NOT file photos like you can buy anywhere:

                              -Kirk Gibson photo - archives of The Sporting News - 8.5x11 - $45  (one of 20 signed Gibby photos)

                              -Sandy Amoros- George Brace photo; George purchased the negative collection of George Burke and both were based in Chicago. 1955 WS Star for the championship Dodgers - Very Rare - Only played in 65 Tiger games. (Dec.-1992) - $25

                               - Gail Harris -Original Detroit News photo - $20

                              - Al Kaline -first generation photo of dedication of Al Kaline Dr. in Lakeland - $70 

                             -Aurelio Lopez 1st generation signed photo - $120 (one of 8 signed Lopez photos)

                             -1950 Detroit Tiger program- cover signed by Tiger HOFer (1914 - 29, BA .342) and Broadcaster Harry Heilmann (dec. 1951).  It is scored and is the first game of a double header at Briggs Stadium on September 26, 1950.  The St. Louis Browns won this game 3-1 and Manager Rolfe was hot.  In his journal,The View From The Dugout: The Journals of Red Rolfe which Bill edited, the Tiger manager wrote: “This was the weakest exhibition by my Tigers all year.  . . . I held a meeting between games and really blasted the ball club.”  Detroit was in a dogfight with the Yankees for the pennant and every game was crucial. $150

                            -Maxwell, Colavito and Kaline - 2nd generation photo - $90

                               - Norm Cash photo - first-generation image -  11 x 14 - $130 (one of 10 signed cash photos)

                          -Alan Trammell - Original Detroit News 1st Generation Photo- $60 (one of 50 signed Tram photos)

                         -Billy Hoeft - 1st generation photo - $20

                               -Jim Northrup - 1st generation photo - "Silver Fox" $25 (Don't know how many he has of Northrup!)

Four of the photos are pictured below.   Could not load the others because of size limitations.



Bill's first show is Saturday, Nov. 2, at Lee High School in Wyoming, MI.  Attached is a flier of this show with more details.  He will also be at the West Michigan Sports Cards & Collectible Show in Muskegon the following Saturday, Nov. 9.  He obviously cannot bring everything for sale to these shows, so if you are looking for particular players or teams, you can email Bill in advance at banderson38@charter.net

bill2.thumb.jpg.7aa3796fac771628b4970ee886c257b4.jpgBill and I will have a total of 5 tables at both shows.




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Sounds like an incredible collection.  Can't imagine there is a large sum of Detroit Wolverines memorabilia out there - cool stuff, thank you for sharing!

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Thanks Dave for helping me out with my Tiger collection. So far I was able to pick up a 1972 Topps Norm Cash, 1970 Tom Tresh and Jerry Robertson, 1976 Ray Bare autographs from Bill. Haven’t arrived yet, but I also picked up a 1970 Mike Kilkenny and 1973 Ike Brown autograph cards.

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