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2019 NFL Predictions

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(3) New England 11-5   Age catches up to Brady
NY Jets   8-8    Team is trending in the right direction finally
Buffalo 7-9      The AFC Lions
Miami  3-13    I feel bad for Josh Rosen, as he'll likely get replaced by a QB in the 2020 draft

(4) Cleveland 10-6   Just as it looks like this team is for real, Baker Mayfield will probably walk through a trap door while looking at his own highlights on his phone
Pittsburgh 10-6    Got rid of two big headaches, but Big Ben is old
Baltimore 7-9   The league will figure out Lamar Jackson
Cincinnati  3-13  Dumpster is burning

(2) Houston 11-5    This is the year they finally take a step further
(6) Jacksonville 10-6   Nick Foles will make them good again
Indianapolis 8-8   A week ago they were a Super Bowl contender
Tennesee 6-10   Purgatory

(1) Kansas City 11-5   The defense should be better
(5) LA Chargers 11-5  Pretty deep team, in a tough division
Oakland  6-10   Gruden is a fraud. AB is a clown.  They deserve each other
Denver 5-11   John Elway can't figure out QBs, its very strange


(3) Philadelphia 11-5    But Can Wentzylvania stay healthy?
Dallas  9-7   Too many distractions constantly with this team
Washington 5-11  Daniel Snyder earns this
NY Giants 2-14  They are in rebuild mode, no doubt 

(4) Chicago 10-6   Won't score so many defensive TDs
Minnesota 9-7    They missed their window
Green Bay 9-7   Rodgers is great, team is meh
Detroit 7-9   Bob & Matt will get another year (they did improve one game)

(2) New Orleans 11-5   Last shot at it for Brees
(6) Atlanta 10-6   If they stay healthy, they could be the dark horse
Carolina 7-9   Cam can't stay healthy and that'll only get worse
Tampa Bay 5-11   If  Bruce Arians can't turn Winston around, nobody can

(1) LA Rams 12-4  But it all depends on the durability of Gurley
(5) Seattle 10-6  Unflashy and dangerous
San Francisco 7-9  Jimmy G is a mystery
Arizona 4-12  Kyler will be exciting, but Kingsbury's style won't translate in the long run


Wild Card Round
(A3) New England over (A6) Jacksonville
(A5) LA Chargers over (A4) Cleveland
(N3) Philadelphia over (N6) Atlanta
(N5) Seattle over (N4) Chicago

Divisional Round
(A1) Kansas City over (5) LA Chargers
(A2)  Houston over (A3) New England
(N5) Seattle over (N1) LA Rams
(N2) New Orleans over (N3) Philadelphia

Championship Round
(A1) Kansas City over (A2) Houston
(N2) New Orleans over (N5) Seattle




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NE, KC, Houston and Cleveland in that order as division winners with Pitt and LAC wild cards.

NE wins the AFC


NO, SEA, Philly and Vikings as division winners with the Rams and your Lions as wild cards(Both Vikes and Lions finish 9-7 but Vikes get the tiebreak).

Seattle wins the NFC

Seattle over NE in the Super Bowl in a rematch from a few years ago.  

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starting from the premise that the nfl usually has a 50% turnover in playoff teams from year to year.


new england, kansas city, houston, pittsburgh.  cleveland and jacksonville as wc.

kc wins the afc.


philly, seattle, atlanta, detroit.  minny and carolina as wc.

seattle wins the nfc.

kc wins super bowl.

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AFC Division Winners





AFC Wild Card



NFC Division Winners





NFC Wildcard




Chargers (win) vs Vikings


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AFC East
New England 11-5
NY Jets   8-8
Buffalo 7-9
Miami  3-13

AFC North
Cleveland 11-5
Pittsburgh 10-6
Baltimore 8-8
Cincinnati  2-14

AFC South
Houston 10-6
Jacksonville 9-7
Indianapolis 7-9
Tennessee 6-10

AFC West
Kansas City 13-3
LA Chargers 9-7
Denver  5-11
Oakland 4-12

NFC East
Philadelphia 12-4
Dallas  10-6
Washington 4-12
NY Giants 3-13

NFC North
Green Bay 10-6
Chicago 9-7
Minnesota 8-8
Detroit 7-9

NFC South
New Orleans 11-5
Atlanta 10-6
Carolina 7-9
Tampa Bay 5-11

NFC West
LA Rams 12-4
Seattle 10-6
San Francisco 6-10
Arizona 3-13


Wild Card Round
Cleveland over Jacksonville
Pittsburgh over Houston
Seattle over New Orleans
Green Bay over Dallas

Divisional Round
Kansas City over Pittsburgh
New England over Cleveland
Seattle over LA Rams
Philadelphia over New Orleans

Championship Round
New England over Kansas City
Philadelphia over Seattle


Super Bowl 

New England 13 over Philadelphia 10

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Detroit Lions Predictions = 7-9

@ Arizona WIN

LA Chargers LOSS

@ Philadelphia LOSS

Kansas City LOSS

@ Green Bay LOSS

Minnesota WIN

New York Giants WIN

@ Oakland WIN

@ Chicago LOSS

Dallas LOSS

@ Washington WIN

Chicago LOSS

@ Minnesota  LOSS

Tampa Bay WIN

@ Denver WIN

Green Bay LOSS


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