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Writer predicts NFL worst record for Lions

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4 hours ago, Mr. Bigglesworth said:

Come on.  We all know they suck and we all know their history.  We are all frustrated by it.

Nobody is saying they are great because they aren't, either now or in my lifetime.

The only point being made is the difference in having a QB the caliber of Stafford for an entire season paired with having some things fall your way can add up to a big season to season improvement.  That is all.  Nothing more.

Well, I agree they could have won several extra games last season with a healthy Stafford, but they would have struggled to win 8 games. And we wouldn't have the third pick. : )

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On 1/8/2020 at 11:23 AM, Sports_Freak said:

The Lions were 3-4-1 when Stafford went down. Even if they would have gone 8-0 with a healthy Stafford,  simple math says 11 wins max. Where did you find the extra 1 or 2 wins? While I agree we could have won a few more games with Stafford, we still had close to the worst defense in the NFL. But yeah, let's just blame injuries for not having HFA throughout the playoffs. /s

It's not about blaming injuries or thinking the Lions are great, I specifically said they weren't, it is more about the nature of the NFL.  They only play 16 games and for the most part the teams are all pretty damn close to each other.  In that small of sample anything can really happen. 

Also the Lions were in 12 games decided by 1 score, it has been proven that 1 score games are heavily dependent on luck, in those games they only won 3 of them.  If the scores were reversed and you gave them a win for the tie they would've won 9 games with Stafford missing half the season.   Thats why I said with some luck and if Staff played the entire season they could've won 12 games but you can say that about the vast majority of teams so its not like I'm saying the Lions are special or something. 

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