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7/14 @2:15 Detroit Tigers at Kansas City Royals

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man, that jordan zimmerman guy is really bad.

we should find the guy who signed him and give him a huge extension.

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12 hours ago, Gehringer_2 said:

Honestly, I thought/hoped Shepherd would be better, but he's really a bottom quartile broadcaster. Do a little thought experiment. Which of these guys would you love to sit down next to at bar: Dan Dickerson, Kirk Gibson, Matt Shepherd, Mario Impemba. The last two just don't generate any interest to me. If a broadcaster can't make you feel interested in having a conversation with him, he's not very good.

I agree, I think I expected more improvement over time than has happened.

10 hours ago, Hart said:

I think Shep's biggest problem is that he tries to hard to cater to people who know the sport better around him.  He's constantly asking questions, almost like he is feeding the ego of his sidekicks and avoiding stepping on anybody's toes.  Shep is the one who went to school to be a broadcaster...be a broadcaster and don't worry that you don't know the sport that well yet.  He's been horrible but I think he would grow into the position fine in time if he just called the games rather than constantly trying to play off his partners.  

Monroe is horrible...easily the worst of the three IMO.  I would prefer Morris to Gibson but that is just personal preference.  Neither gets me excited to watch a broadcast.   

Well, I guess in theory, I do like that play by play to draw in and/or allow the analyst room to explain some technical concepts or game management strategy or draw on previous experiences or the like during the game.  I think Gibson does a pretty good job of picking things up during a game or preparing to offer something to look for from the first pitch.  Morris can do this from time to time as well, but I don't think it occurs often enough and/or Morris can't do it often enough without coming off too curmudgeonly or egotistical.  I didn't get a chance to listen to Monroe this weekend.

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