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What Will Become of Miguel Cabrera?

How will the Tigers deal with Miguel Cabrera?  

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  1. 1. How will the Tigers deal with Miguel Cabrera?

    • Grin and bear it for the remaining four-plus years.
    • Keep him around for a few more seasons, but DFA him before the contract expires.
    • DFA him after this season.
    • Trade him.
    • Successfully rehabilitate him into a useful player and good teammate.
    • Other (explain in a post).

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I will have 1 or 2 a day... maybe more on the weekend.  But most days 1. 

At baseball games I limit myself to 2 now.  

I told my doc and he was fine with it.  It's great having a doctor your own age with kids, etc.  he gets it.  Plus he sees my results from working out and running and sees the benefits there.  Told my my EKG was what he'd show med students as the perfect EKG.  My resting heart rate, pulse, BP, other numbers are all in the good-great range.


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1 hour ago, six-hopper said:

Well, I still drink a lot more than you do.  I've had at least ten drinks in the last two weeks as opposed to the last ten years.  Usually have a couple with my teammates after a baseball game, two or three if I'm at my club for the evening or at a bar to watch a game.  But almost never more than three in a sitting.  (St. Patrick's Day is a notable exception.)

When I was a lot younger, as in my late teens and twenties, I, like many in my circle of friends and close acquaintances, often drank to get drunk.  I outgrew that pretty quickly, although a bunch of people I hung out with didn't.  And even back then, I was something of a drinking snob, as one of the lessons from my father that actually took was that I should drink good stuff, not krap.  I drink what I like, which at the moment is mainly craft beer and good whiskey -- high-end bourbon, single-malt scotch, and single-pot-still Irish.  (What I drink after my team's baseball games tends to be a little more low-brow, as many of my teammates have an inexplicable  fondness for insipid beer like Coors Light or even the toxic Bud Light.  Drinking that swill in moderation is especially easy for me.)

Depending on my schedule and the time of year, I may go a week or two without drinking anything, or I may drink several nights in a row.  But never enough to be drunk or to have a hangover or trouble getting up in the morning.   Or to go to jail.

The funny thing is I made no conscious effort to not drink, I just didn't.   Every now and then we'll be out for a meal and I'll want a nice cold beer and order one, they usually taste good I just don't have the desire for another.

I don't have a thing against anyone drinking.  My kids are all social drinkers, Dad just doesn't join them.   One of the silliest things I do given my drinking habits is reading the garagiste newsletter and offer(s) every day.  I think it's just because I respect his passion for wine.

I'm generally a live and let live guy - so circling back to Miggy.  As long as it doesn't affect his play on the field I really don't care.  As a fan I may not be entitled to his best effort. but I do think his teammates and the people paying him a princely wage are -  and I don't think we've seen that over the last few years.



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