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6/11 @8:15 Detroit Tigers at Kansas City Royals

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11 minutes ago, Gehringer_2 said:

I agree, no pitcher that a team is serious about should be working relief in the minors before maybe AAA (well unless he has some kind of physical limitation or something....) . Zumaya was another case of a relief guy with hundreds of innings starting in the minors to hone his command before he faced MLB hitters. I did a little survey a while back and IIRC the majority of the game's top 20 relievers were converted starters.

Perhaps. However, you could argue that zumaya’s max effort delivery over so many starter’s innings contributed to his injury issues. 

I think if a guy is a for sure reliever for you, it can make sense to have him in that role in the minors. It can be beneficial to work on command when you are throwing at max effort. If you’ve got a fireballer that profiles as a reliever, but you are having him start, he might be throwing starters innings but with a different pitching style that allows him to throw 90+ pitches per start. 

I think you should just keep guys as starters until it is clear they won’t be able to succeed as a starter or their stuff is clearly better in shorter stints that he would be more valuable as a reliever. 


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