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5/9 @1:10 Los Angeles Angels vs Detroit Tigers

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1 hour ago, Gehringer_2 said:

amazingly enough, the Tigers got out of this mess using only one reliever they might use in a game they had a shot in (Garrett) and he only threw 23 pitches. In general Gardenhire isn't willing to burn the pen to keep a bad loss from getting worse. I think that is good strategy for a bad team- there are no style points for losing close.

That's what the "long relief" guys used to be for -- to eat innings if the starter got knocked out early, and if you're down by five or six when the starter leaves, don't worry if you wind up losing by 10 or 12, because you were going to lose anyway, so why waste valuable arms?

These days, though, even in blowout games you often see a parade of pitchers for the trailing teams, with none of them going more than an inning or at most a couple of innings.  

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