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The Countdown Thread

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Decided to start a countdown thread for the following items:

1.  Harrison gets moved out of the leadoff spot

2.  Harrison gets his BA over .200 and OPS over .600

3.  Cabrera gets his first HR

4.  Cabrera gets 10 RBI's

5.  The Tigers hit their 10th home run

6.  The Tigers score more than 4 in back to back games

7.  Greiner gets his OPS over .550

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My guesses:

1.  April  30th at the Phillies

2.  Batting Average by May 12th in Minny, OPS by June 27th against the Rangers

3.  April 26th in Chicago

4.  May 3rd against the Royals

5. April 23rd in Boston

6.  April 26/27 in Chicago

7.  He doesn't

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