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2019 Spring Training Thread

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I track my posts like hits.  This is my 1,500th—half way to the Hall of Fame!

wanted this one to be meaningful, so sharing something from one of my all-time favorite Tiger players.  Didn’t know this about him, but it’s a great sentiment:



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Zimmerman earning some of that salary:



Lakeland, Fla. — Jordan Zimmermann went up to Daniel Norris last week and said, “I know why you aren’t throwing hard.”

The two then went to the video room with pitching coach Rick Anderson and Zimmermann showed Norris a flaw in his delivery — the film showed, conclusively, that he wasn’t finishing his pitches.

“I just wasn’t getting over my front side,” Norris said. “I’ve always had the recoil, but in the past I would at least get through it. Ever since the surgery (groin), I was just hitting the front leg and backing off. The arm recoil is fine, but I was putting my whole body back toward shortstop and second base.”

Norris went into his laboratory, made the adjustments in his flat-ground work and in his bullpens, and my goodness, look at that — he was pumping his fastball at 91-93 mph Friday night against the Yankees.


Jordan Zimmermann's tip helps Tigers' Daniel Norris gain immediate uptick in velocity

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