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The Pistons have a Dwane Casey Problem

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1 hour ago, Deleterious said:

Long and numbers heavy.  But an excellent read.

Not exactly anything new.  We already knew from his days in Toronto that Casey was a terrible offensive coach.  It was why offensive duties were turned over to Nurse.  

The Pistons have a Dwane Casey Problem

LOL - so I guess the TL,DR versions would just be "Situation for hopeless team is hopeless."

I guess no-one has to feel sorry for SVG, his money should be in the bank, but this is another take along the line of the conclusion that Stan was not a bad coach, just a really horrible GM who has  probably effectively  torpedoed his own coaching career.

Always a mistake to take a job with a bad boss....xD

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I think a lot of people have been saying - or at least I have - that the Pistons are wasting Drummond and Reggie.  I get it, neither of them are perfect, but Reggie is good at pnrs and Drummond is good at diving to the basket.  Why totally abandon that?

Sure, Blake is awesome, but you have to have more of an offense than "throw it to Blake."  

The Pistons don't have top tier talent other than Blake, but they aren't getting the most out of the talent they have.

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