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2018-19 Soccer thread

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Man, there's no soccer thread this year?

I'm hoping West Brom gets in the top two in the Championship so I can watch them easily on the weekends. They have Aston Villa later this week. A win would help the cause while keep Aston Villa out of the top two talk for at least awhile.

After a pretty bad start to the season, Hull City is starting to play a bit better, but they have a big Championship relegation battle with Millwall. Lose and they may be back in the bottom three. Win and they probably earn them at least a game gap from worrying abut the relegation zone for the time being.

It's been really hard for me to watch the EPL this season without a team in it to pull for.

My focus  has been on the Bundesliga this season with Borussia Dortmund having an outstanding season and Bayern Munich falling apart (especially defensively) so far this season. Hoping to see more Christian Pulisic but he's been off and on with injuries this fall, but now apparently is just not playing as much as a season ago due to better options on the team. Just as with his recent play on the US team, his quality has seemingly dipped a bit this fall.

I was hoping to see more Serie A this fall when I heard ESPN was going to start broadcasting games, but it seems either they are on at times I'm not around or they are on ESPN channels I don't own or are on the internet channels. I have only seen a couple of games so far. That's too bad because I really wanted to see more of Ronaldo with Juventus than I've seen. And the games I have seen of Juventus' Ronaldo hasn't been setting the world on fire. He didn't score in the first Serie A game I saw and he's not put the ball in the net much during Champions League games.

Go Portland! I do want to go to a game at Portland one day and enjoy the crowd atmosphere there. My wife doesn't mind if I watch a game in Portland. She hopes they score so she can see the log cut.

On the table-top (cards and dice), I just started a 2017-18 Primeira Liga (Portugal) replay. I'm not done with the first week yet. If anyone wants to know about those games, just ask. :) I really need to get my butt working on the 2018 MLS set.

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