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What exactly does this team need?

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1 hour ago, Jason_R said:


Correct answer: If Hockenson is (or might be) the next Gronkowski, take him 8th.


I'm not sure fans understand that not every draft is 1983. I'm also not sure they understand that you can only draft the players that are actually in the draft. Saying "He's not a first round talent" is meaningless if there are only six "first round talents" in the draft. 

By all accounts, this draft has three or four standout DL prospects in Bosa, Williams, Allen, and Gary. They are pretty likely to be gone by pick 8.

Opinions vary widely on Ferrell, Sweat, Ferguson, and Simmons, and you're starting to get into some red flags on some of them. (Plus, how do they compare to Harold Landry? Every year there are pass rushers that people want to project as top talents, but who turn out to be average.)

The consensus top CB is Greedy Williams - though people say he doesn't like to tackle, gets beat too often in press coverage, and may have an attitude. 

The best chance the Lions have is if there is a run on QBs and one of the blue chip pass rushers falls to them, or if Miami or Washington gets antsy and wants to trade up to #8 for a QB.

If not, you have to seriously consider Hockenson at #8 (or, hopefully, at #13 or #15). Saying Mayhew picked a TE at #10 or #20 therefore we need to sharpen our pitchforks in case Quinn does the same makes no sense. By all accounts, Hockenson is a complete TE and highly polished in all parts of his game; Ebron was never thought to be a blocker, and was always known to struggle with drops, and Pettigrew was merely competent in both phases. Reports on Hockenson are that he is a three-down player who excels both as a receiver and as a blocker, and who is likely to take on a complete role very early in his career. 

"Well Gronk didn't get picked until the second round, so blah blah blah." How many teams regret not having used a higher pick to get Gronk? And don't you think the Lions regret not having used the #5 pick in 1997 on Tony Gonzalez? He went #13, but the Lions refused to waste a top 5 pick on a TE and picked a CB, Bryant Westbrook. 


if you think he's gronk 2.0 of course you draft him #8.

that being said, i dont think he's gronk 2.0.  gronk might be the best receiving te in history (or would be if he werent hurt all the time).

and that being said, if you think he is a true difference maker on offense, then he should be in the conversation for the pick.  

bob quin has been pretty good at drafting so far.  im excited to see what they'll do this year.  if a stud edge rusher falls to them its hard to see them not taking him, but cb and offensive playmaking receiver (be it a te or a wr) would also make sense.

just dont draft a guard.

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19 minutes ago, Buddha said:

that being said, i dont think he's gronk 2.0.  gronk might be the best receiving te in history (or would be if he werent hurt all the time).


I thought the Mark Bavaro comparison (Bucky Brooks, NFL.com) was interesting. I don’t know if it is apt. But for the sake of conversation, here is Parcells on Bavaro: 

“Mark was a powerful blocker, I mean powerful. He would not only block linebackers, but he was one of those rare guys that could handle defensive ends, too.... when you consider the entire package, Mark brought it all to the table. He was a complete guy, able to do everything required of the position." 


FWIW, I know almost nothing about any of these prospects. But we’ve seen the things Quinn, Belichick, and The Godfather Parcells value: toughness, versatility, using 1st pick on three-down players. I assume a player like Hockenson is very high on their boards. 

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