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2018 AL Central the worst division in history?

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That's what I heard someone say on the radio, and it's probably true.

The Indians, despite a not-very-impressive 82-64 record, have a 14.5-game lead over the second-place Twins.  And every team in the division except the Indians is way below .500.  The Twins are 11 games below sea level, the third-place Tigers are 28 games below break-even and 23 games out, and the White Sox and Royals are 32 and 47 games under .500, respectively.

The Indians are 18 games worse than the Red Sox despite having the advantage of playing a lot of games against their sad-sack stablemates in the Central, while the Sox have to contend in the highest-quality division in baseball.  And yet the Indians are by far the best team in their division.

Bottom line:  The AL Central is not specifically too good. 

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It's part of what makes the Indians an elite franchise: they sure can pick a division.


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