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Spartans in the 2018 NBA draft

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From the Athletic - Seth Davis and his anonymous scouts:


Miles Bridges, 6-7 sophomore forward, Michigan State. “He fits with the NBA as a small-ball 4. I just worry if he’s going to be skilled enough, and I worry about his killer instinct. Does he have any dog in him? I think he’s too nice of a kid. Incredible character. He’s a good shooter when his feet are set. I think [Tom] Izzo told him if he came back he could play the 3, but he’s really a 4. He’s lost a bunch of weight. He looks great. You just want to hope he keeps improving his jump shot.”


Jaren Jackson Jr., 6-11 freshman forward, Michigan State. “All-star player. Reminds me of Kevin Garnett. Guys like him are so rare – they can make 3s and guard 1 through 5. He’s just a puppy. He’s got to clear up his ability to play without fouling. He’s not great with his back to the basket. I’ve seen some segments in a game where his motor was off the charts, and I’ve seen games where I didn’t know he was on the court. Maybe he’s just not a killer. He’s got great upside because he’s still thin. In three years he’s not going to look at all like he looks today.”



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